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I am using ULead Video 5 in capturing, editing, and making finish movie (in NTSC VCD format). And using Nero 5.5 in finally converting to CD (VCD). There is one thing that puzzle me : If i drag the .DAT file from the original VCD to Nero 5.5, it works perfectly on my Samsung VCD 2.0 compliant player. But when i drag the home movie (created from ULead using NTSC VCD format) to same authoring software (Nero 5.5), my player cannot recognized the file (mpeg1 or NTSC VCD) i created and "no disk" message appeared. Where is the problem, the way i created my home movie or my player? What is the difference between the .DAT i got from original VCD and the MPEG1 or NTSC VCD (which is according to the manual, the MPEG1 is the standard for white book compliant VCD format) i created from ULead. Please help as i already consumed about 40 CD-R's to this experiment. Please don't tell me to buy a new player as i don't have budget until end of this year (budget constraints!!!).

Your help is very much appreciated.

Andy - Philippines

-- Andy Loyola Jr. (aloyolajr@clarion.com.ph), February 26, 2003


Are you using the VCD option under Nero when you drag your home movie or are you burning it as something else? I assume you are using the VCD option, but you didn't specify. If so, there are a couple of things that could be to blame. Nero doesn't make totally compliant VCDs. They are very close to specs, but there are a few things that are slightly off. Try making your VCDs with VCDeasy (http://www.vcdeasy.org) instead. I know that some portable VCD players have the same problem as your Samsung - they will play copies of commercial VCDs with no problems, but they won't correctly play anything made with Nero's VCD option. VCDeasy makes totally compliant VCDs, so maybe it will help you. VCDeasy produces a BIN/CUE output image file that Nero can burn or you can try to use the free CDRDAO program that comes with VCDeasy, but CDRDAO doesn't work on a lot of burners, despite what the documentation says.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), February 26, 2003.

Thank you very much for your reply. And yes, i am creating VCD in a VCD option of Nero5.5 (sorry to confused you). Also, i am using Lite- on cd burner. I will check the one you specified (VCDEasy) and will let you know the result.

Again, thank you very much

-- Andy Loyola Jr. (aloyolajr@clarion.com.ph), February 26, 2003.

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