what is an adres that i can write to HIM

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i admire michael so much and i want 2 write to him to tell him that the stupid news papers are wrong and he is sweet .i may only be 13 but i luv his music and want to let him know that personally.i want to let him no this cause last nite i watched a documentry on his life and i realised how nice he is. from kate p.s.write bak a.s.a.p

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2003


i_am_michael_jacksons_butler@yahoo.com Charles Carrington the Third, private butler and estate manager to The King of Pop, Mr. Michasel Jackson

Michael is busy with the lawyers during the daytime, and has special guests at night. He is too busy to read all of these, but i do show him 25 per day. If you would like to ask something, or have any requests for us, let me know. I'll be oh so happy to help you. We want you to be very very happy. Please keep buying the music. Don't download it for free, no, no, no. We do allow some fans to visit neverland, but only when Michael is sitting in his tree writing his music. We do not encourage visitors to touch Michaels VIP manequins who are his best friends. Michael likes to play SUBMARINE with his very special guests, so if you are cute, send a pic, and we may see you at Neverland....but Never Never tell anyone how much fun we have!!! Michael wants all of you to know that he loves chocolate cake as much as anyone, and is eating it a lot, in hopes that his skin color returns to at least a darker beige. Please remember him at the holidays, and know that he loves you all. We all do. Happy thoughts and sweet dreams to all our woinderful friends

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2003

Kate, Michael's address is

Michael Jackson C/O Postmaster Figueroa Mountain Road Los Olivos, CA 93441 United States

I hope that helps you!!

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2003

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