Märklin Z (Miniclub ) on digital track

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I like to equip my Märklin-Z scalemodels with digtal decoders , so I will be able to feed them with my DCC-system that I use for my HO-scale railroad . My problem is that all the decoders which I know , give a to high outputvoltage . As you know the Z-motors endure maximum 10 Volts .

I am so free to ask you how to resolv this problem .

Tank you for your responds .

Deraymaeker Pierre. Pieter Michielsstraat 59 B - 1601 - RUISBROEK Belgium Tel & Fax : 00 32 2 377 14 77 E- mail : adal@skynet.be

-- Deraymaeker Pierre (adal@skynet.be), February 25, 2003


Response to Märklin Z (Miniclub ) on digital track

It's not the decoder that puts out the high voltage, it's the booster (or booster/command station combination). The decoder just takes in the voltage that is coming from the booster and lowers it by a fixed amount, and that is what comes out.

Many boosters have the ability to adjust their output voltage. Some have a switch on the front. Some you have to open up.

If you booster is not adjustable, I have a circuit that will drop 0.7V. If you need to drop 1.4V, use two of them connected end to end. If you need 2.1V, use three, and so on.

This circuit only needs to connect to one of the output wires from each booster. If you will leave your booster connected to your HO, then you only need this circuit in the wires going to your Z-scale equipment.

See my web page: http://www.wiringfordcc.com/blockdet.htm Use the circuit in section 10-10. Note: If you need to loose 2.8V and /or you want block occupancy indication, you can use the circuit in section 10-12.

You definitely do not want to exceed 10V to a Z-scale locomotive.

-- Allan Gartner (bigboy@WiringForDCC.com), February 25, 2003.

Response to Märklin Z (Miniclub ) on digital track

Hello Allan & Deraymaeker-

I had the same issue running a largescale Lionel Thomas the Tank loco. The motor appears to have been designed for 14-16V and my largescale layout operates at about 20-21V DCC. I simply adjusted CV #57 (on an MX-66 type decoder, may vary for others), the voltage reference CV, on my Zimo decoder. Zimo decoders can regulate the absolute voltage maximum for the PWM motor outputs.


The value entered, divided by a [10] equals the absolute voltage maximum. I wanted a maximum voltage of about 15V applied, so I entered a value of [150]. (150/10=15V)

Hope this helps.

Best regards, Bob

-- Bob Brashear (rwbrashear@aol.com), July 19, 2003.

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