who know polaroid 110 A whit extra polaroid back

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Hi everybody ,I am in France,recently i purchased a Polaroid 110A with a polaroid back for using the normal films that mean 665 or 669 or 667 ever 100FP Fuji anyway they are the same ,with this extre back i don't know how can i fixe it ,because they didn't give me any information and i don't know how can i make an transformation ,normaly this camera use the roll film ,and also roll are not exist any more that's why they want to transforme it ,if anybody can tell me how can i fixe it please regard johnny

-- johnny (jlamhk@free.fr), February 24, 2003




good bye.

-- Mike from California (mikes6@hotmail.com), February 24, 2003.

Hi, I just bought a Polaroid back for my medium format camera. Until now I wasn't able to find the right film in France (Cannes Area). BUT I figured out, that you CAN NOT use the 600 film. I bought it and it was just a waste of 15 !!!

For my medium camera, I had to remove the roll film compartement and replace it with the polaroid back. Then you have to set the camera to multiple exposure, because there is no film to transport...

That's all I know. :((

Cheers, Jens

-- Jens (anjens@aol.com), March 05, 2003.

...just found an interesting link: http://www.yt.cache.waseda.ac.jp/K88/Polaroid/polaroid_back.html

It's for a Kiev 6x6 but maybe helpfull?!

-- Jens (anjens@aol.com), March 05, 2003.

Here in the U.S.A. we send Polaroid 110A and 110B cameras to Four Designs, in Ridgefield, Washington. 800-468-3399 or www.fourdesigns. com

They're great - I had mine done there, and it's like a new camera. You'll be able to use the 665 or 667 or 669 or 690 films. It costs about $400USD to get one converted.

-- Ted (ted@seriousfilm.com), December 12, 2003.

Here's the link to the conversions page where you can see the finished version: http://www.fourdesigns.com/conver/conver.html

Incidentally, on this page it says $260USD for conversion if you have the camera.

Hope that helps.

-- Ted (ted@seriousfilm.com), December 12, 2003.

I converted my own Polaroid 110A camera with fantastic results (and for a shade less than $100 USD total, that means the camera, donor camera, epoxy weld, saw and even enough for film testing). I won't delve into details but e-mail me and I can walk through it step by step. Caution, once you convert one, it becomes addicting.

-- Tom Kuo (Statuskuo75@yahoo.com), October 25, 2004.

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