"The Conqueror worm", rhymesheme, metre etc. + interpetation and analyse

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Hello, I go to school in Germany and I've to do a paper about "The Conqueror Worm" and analys the wohle structure and his style . Can you help me? Would be nice! And I#M not sure if i got it write...the answer are you going to send to my email adresse?

Bye jessy

-- Anonymous, February 24, 2003


Shakespeare's use of the stage as unversalsymbol is probably here imitated. In this one however there is no vanity or anger juxtaposing man and the angels equally. Both angels and man quail before the single mystery of the Worm being the "hero". See "The Premature Burial" for use of the "conqueror worm". Phantom= happiness(Declaration of Independence). The are dressed like fools(Fortunato in "The Sask of Amontillado")

The lines flow into the next quite often without a natural break, escpecially lines 21,22 where the word "into" is split to great effect. the first stanza sets the scene as a celestial tragic theater performance beyond time. The orchestra is disordered by the diddonance of the "Man" play with the celestial music. The second stanza dgrades the "mimes of God" the actors to less than the unseen scene shifters whose wings are the winds of fate. See "Sonnet- To Science and the use of wing and bird imagery there, condor is a larger example of the vulture theme of time). Onomatopaeia in the mime, mutter mumble alliteration to make the point of the weakness of mankind. Third stanza: the Plot of ever repeating madness, sin and horror. Fourth StanzaThe worm on stage and eats all the people. Angels weep. Fifth: Lights out. Funeral pall. Curtain fall. The name of the tragedy is "Man" itself and the destroyer Death is the hero, the only one with originality, finality, and singular decisive action. Not quite "Henry V". This is Poe's stuck idea on death from his poetic stance in most of his poetry. That Poe had considered placing it in "Ligeia" suggests an unhappy ending to her attempted resurrection.

Appreciate for Poe's well balanced structure. Example: the halfway mark is the returning circle and the split "into". Look for more paralellism and intricate interplay and you will likely find it in the simplest of his poems.

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2003

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