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In July I had cleared out my office and distributed the contents to the York University Archives and to my study at home (and, of course, threw out a lot of things, too). However, I ran out of steam when I got to the lab. I left several filing cabinets full of material, including a few things I hadn't sorted out when I left the office.

Well I have finally cleared out the stats lab too. It took four consecutive Fridays to do it. I took a few more things to the Archives and some things home. I admit to having a brief feeling of nostalgia when I removed the last things from the lab. Now all that's left of mine in the lab is one filing cabinet full of the quizzes and exams that last year's students wrote. These have to be retained for one year in case of grade appeals.

The job didn't take as long as I anticipated and I had an enjoyable four Fridays. Each day I had lunch with colleagues at the faculty club and I also kept running in to former students, including, on recent Fridays: Dana, Georgina, Miriam, Jonathan, and Lyndsay. I don't think I'll ever be able to repeat this.

Although clearing out the lab is one item I can now cross off my long list, the biggest item, the biography I am trying to write, shows little sign of progress. This is discouraging, but is compensated for by my progress in the German class.

I hope those of you still at York had a productive (or relaxing) reading week and are geared up for the home stretch. Looking forward to hearing from you.


-- Anonymous, February 22, 2003

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