Where is the best stripper club in SF?

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I need to see dirty women!!!!!!

-- Chad Muska (chadmuska@muskaboards.com), February 22, 2003


Why do you continue to junk up this place?

<TITLE> is not appropraite.


-- Sean M. Hall--Western Neighborhoods Project (sunnyside@sfhe.cjb.net), February 22, 2003.

You ARE joking, aren't you? Any pratt with half a brain knows that San Francisco is the gay capital of the country. Hence, the high clientele of boards like this, nes pas?

-- Face Facts (facefacts@you are a loser.com), February 25, 2003.

The problem is that those women at the strip clubs aren't really allowed to get dirty with their customers and I recall that there was some problem a number of years ago about clients touching them as well. But I guess people do break rules.

I'll tell you an interesting story though and I've got a few along these lines. A guy at the building I used to work at went to, I think it was the Mitchell Brothers Club. What he saw there absolutely blew his mind. One of the girls there was a hot woman who worked in his office. He was just astounded because he had no idea. She asked him to keep it a secret and in return she allowed him to have some photos taken of them together. My friend showed me the photos and I showed them to other people and then I even made xeroxes of them. Well, it wasn't before too long that everyone in the entire building knew about her escapades and though no one asked her to quit her job, she couldn't work there anymore knowing that everyone knew about it. But no one should feel too sorry for her. Those women make at least $200 a night in tips.

-- Harry Murphy (harrymurphy*@bigmailbox.net), March 01, 2003.

The women at the clubs are independent contractors. They rent stage time. Their tips don't in any way cover the performance fees. Many of them work out of the back on their back.

-- MGo (maugo99@hotmail.com), March 09, 2003.

need to see for my 19th birthday in two week time and can it be women strippers please

-- craig peter henderson (craig.henderson4@ntlworld.com), October 14, 2003.

Craig, that's a terrible way to get your first look at a nekkid woman. You might rent "Leaving Las Vegas" and pay attention to the college boys scene. It'll give you an idea of how not to view us.

There are videos available of really good strippers and you should google for them. There's a movie called "Striperama" (or something like that) which has the glorious Bettie Page, the beautiful Tempest Storm and the frankly scary Lily St. Cyr. If you can get ahold of PBS's documentary on Burlesque, you'll learn a lot about how good stripping used to be and probably come out nauseated at what passes for it now.

Have fun on your birthday and for heaven's sakes don't let anyone rent you a stripper. That's nowhere near as safe or as fun as it looks.

-- Rosa (rosadebon@yahoo.com), October 17, 2003.

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