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hey michael dont know if you read this personally..but all i have to say as a mother of 2 boys is...i think you are real and that you would never hurt anyone...a child or an adult...and i feel being a parent of 2 kids...i would love my kids to visit you home..what kid would not...then i say where is the parents in all of this...what parent would allow a child under 18 to visit a place regardless of who you are without their guidance and being right there to witness this...that is the question everyone is not asking...where are the parents hurts me to see that you are having to face this crap just because you are tying to do good and show kids an fun the public eyes when you have to face these horrible accusations one must ask damit where are the freaking parents..and then say ok waht parent would allow this if they thought all this crap was really true...helloo lets get on with it...i feel bad for you michael especially after seeing your real show with all the true facts...i hope someday my kids would beable to see what fantisy is really and truly all about from a kids eyes...

sincerely Kathy Morabito

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2003


Kathy, You might get in contact through e mail address, try: check it out.

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2003

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