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anyone know of a place where I can get some reign the conqurer pics?

-- Jason Kirkpatrick (, February 21, 2003


No Jason... ya goober.. :P

-- kristen & Lindsay (, February 27, 2003.

i'd like some pics too. (cant wait to do some fan art! ^_^) but all the ones that came up on google where on error pages, and i was unable to get any decent ones. i guess in due time little fan sites will start popping up, and galleries will be ripe for the picking. >_>

-- Salena B. (, March 05, 2003.

I want pics too! Don't you think EVERYONE should be able to enjoy Alexander's delicious yumminess? LoL...

-- Kaitlyn (, March 18, 2003.

just give it some time, alexander will have a strong a following as aeon flux in its due course.

-- jason allan (, March 25, 2003.

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