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I'm having a hard time looking for the nero mpeg/svcd plug in. Does anyone know where i can find a free download? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! you can e-mail the response:


-- jack (, February 19, 2003


look on Kazaa ... loadsa free plug-ins etc ... BUT ! had your spam eater up and running coz kazaa has so many pop-ups ... but hey its give and take i guess.

-- andy northlondon (, February 23, 2003.

dude the only thing i can say is dont bother with the plugin they dont do a very good job.....the vid will be all tmpge its free and it supports mpeg-1 and can mux and demux till your hearts content and all kindsa kewl stuff then just write the new file to disc thru nero and nero acts like it did the encoding

-- chris the vcd master (, February 23, 2003.

dudes email me for the key i cant put it on the site or it will be erased by the powers that be due to piracy

-- chris the vcd master (, February 28, 2003.

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