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Good news channel 4 is offering you the chance to vote the most hated british person and martin bashir is number one, so if you want to let people see that there are still loads of michael jackson fans out there vote on good luck

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2003


i have seen martin bashir a few times now and if i were a jury i would be convinced he is after ... he never ever includes any defence which i supose is not in is line of work but we have all heard of the phrase "shoot your self in the foot" and i think that he bit off more than he can chew with m.jackson. and more interviews he has done...he wants too shoot celebs down but "guess what "bashir"they where there before u"journalism" ...if i were you i wouold be ashamed and hide.....take a look a the genral poll..your going down the pan were you are a mistake to the press and you deserve nothing in my eyes and many more...(time will tell) must condradulate you on your quck earner because that was all it was...."admit it"..but then again i guess you wont the fraud you are

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2003

Bashir did nothing wrong!to get a successful interview from someone you have to "suck up" to an extent, in order to get the best information...jacko gave self incriminating evidence that he slept with young boys...if anyone is a hated man its jacko for bein a dirty paedophile!!!!!

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2003

31 year old male, I adore michael jackson, but I am ashamed to be in the same country as that lowlife bashir, he is not worth the soil that michael walks on!

-- Anonymous, March 04, 2003

count me in !!!!

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2003

Thanx for the info, im there.


-- Anonymous, February 22, 2003

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