Picture and sound don't synchrinise with TMPGenc

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I did AVI to MPEG conversion using TMPEgnc and cut the MPEG file into two MPEG files. The second one seems to have lost the sound and picture synchronisation. That means, in the second MPEG file, sound doesn't match with the picture. Anybody have an idea why this happened and any rectification for this...?



-- Harikrishna (harikrishna_naripeddi@yahoo.com), February 19, 2003


this is typical of TMPGne. you should use virtual dub 1.4 and extract the sound first into a wav file and then use that when encoding with tmpgne. this will probably eliminate any sync problems you have. if after that point you are still running into sync problems you may need to scan the video for bad frames.

-- victorya wilde (victorya71@hotmail.com), February 19, 2003.

Hi, Thanks for that...I will try it....

-- Hari Krishna (harikrishna_naripeddi@yahoo.com#), February 20, 2003.

virtual dub may do it, ihad the same problem expcept i was using virtual dub, there is a program called Dan Dub, same thing as virtual dub but it configures the audio/video so they are synchronized automatically

-- no pops ver 2.0 (exoticmicrowave@hotmail.com), April 08, 2003.

Ive got a similar problem. I have an Avi file that i want to split into 2 parts. (source range kind of thing) The video compression is DivX and audio is mpeg layer-3. When I used TMPGEnc to make a VCD format mpeg, the video was perfect, but there was no audio. So then i think to try that trick up there which i had learned on my own a while back. So I open up Virtual Dub and it gives me a message saying improper vbr encoding or something like that, and it says there will be unsync audio and video. It then says if it's "unacceptable" save the audio to an uncompressed wav file and reencode it with a constant bitrate of 127.0 (weird little plus/equals sign goes here) 15.7 kbps. I have no clue how to do this though, but im pretty sure it will fix my problem with no audio track, so can anyone tell me how? (like tools needed or processes etc.) Thanks in advance.

-- =NaJ= (SW64NRJ@hotmail.com), August 24, 2003.

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