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I'm not quite sure what type of decoders to use with a P2K FA2/FB2 loco's. I'm interested in something that can compensate for grade changes and is easy to install. This being the 2nd decoder install I've done.

Also I've noticed that my P2K loco's run slower than the Walther's and Rivarossi loco's I have. I'm not sure why?


-- CHAD MCBRIDE (, February 18, 2003



I would use a decoder with load compensation, commonly called Back EMF. Examples include newer Digitrax, Lenz, and Train Control Systems (TCS) decoders. TCS has a P2K decoder that is a direct plug in, as does Digitrax.

Regarding why your P2K locos run slower, it is probably because the speed table that you are using in the decoder has not been adjusted to the differences in the power curves of your various brands of locomotives. That is one of the beauties of DCC - the ability to match speed curves between various brands of locomotives. The easiest way to do it is with a software program, such as EasyRamp. I know there are several programs that you can download for free from the internet, but since I am not on my home computer, I don't have their names available. Using a program makes the speed table changes relatively easy to do.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Kert Peterson Fircrest, WA

-- Kert Peterson (, March 05, 2003.

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