Let It Snow

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Let it Snow

I do not listen to the weathermen.

I do not want to hear them say,

When this will stop.

I want to soak,

To know,

This snow.

To feel it,

Cover up my soul,

With silent, muffled peace.

Love TRennie

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2003


Aaaa Trennie you always say it so pretty!!!! I do wish I could write poetry. The last couple weeks my meadows have been covered with Quail. Just when the sun sets they flock in to visit. They are just such wonderful little creatures! Anyway when the joy of nature busts in me I always feel as if I should write a poem but when I try nothing happens!! Poetry is when the head shuts up and lets the heart speak! You always do that so well!

Hey you guys been doin okay? How are the little ladys? Jim back on the job yet or are you guys still retired! Ha!....Speak! ....Love ya Kirk

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2003

Tren, you can even make snow sound good! Now, if you'd just write a poem for this mud I'm slogging through today....

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2003

Yeah, I know what your saying Kirk. It is like trying to catch a butterfly that is free in the field and bringing it into the house . Then expecting the butterfly to still flow, like it did out with the sky and the breeze and the blossoms. Elusive things! Butterflies and Poetry!

Sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to this thread. I don't seem to have the time to put two words together these days! " The quail coming in at sunset, to flock in the meadow", thanks for making me see that Kirk. What are they dining on, can you tell? Is it a wild weed meadow that they settle on? What do your wild meadows have in them there? I have a hard time picturing your far away mysterious California mountains. I think I have the stone cottage down in my mind's eye now. Here the wild meadows are full of deep purple Ironweed , alongside the mauve pink Joy Pye , when August shows her delightful face. Oh and don't forget the wild Purple Asters beside the gate, waving at the happy yellow Goldenrod. When God made nature, he made such an appetizing plate! Of colors and depths! Oh I do love the way you put this! "Poetry is when the head shuts up and lets the heart speak!" That has got to be a classic Kirk! I think that I will remember for all time what you said about that. Like I will always remember what Polly said about wanting to be like a chameleon. Nothing gives me a kick like seeing Mother Nature boss people around, like she did with our last storm. We got ten inches of snow in one day, in a total of three days we got up to two . You couldn't see the roads. The wind blew white drifts. Even getting to the chicken coup became a challenge. The County was on a number three snow alert, which meant that you should not be on the roads. You would get a ticket if you were caught there, unless it was an emergency. There were cancellations everywhere, schools and churches and businesses had to close their doors for the day. We were glad that we had stacked plenty of wood on the porch. All because Mother Nature had her say with humans " you are not going to be off running today, to this appointment, nor to this meeting, you are going to stay home ,and you are going to watch it snow, and you are going to be close to your family. And the world is going to be quiet, for a day or too. " That was her last word! And oh, how quiet it was, no vehicles on the roads, any planes above , obscured ,way above snow filled sky. You go Mother Nature!

I checked in and see that you paid a howdy do to me Polly, hello you! I always love to hear your stories and wish that you would put them all together in a book someday. I am sorry about the mud Polly! Hope it doesn't last too long!

Yeah Kirk, Jim and I are still playing hookie, and enjoying it like a couple of kids! We found a camper, it was only 200 dollars! It taint in the best of shape, but I like it ! Looking forward to taking it down to a cave area and camping and canoeing for a while this summer. Jim is taking more computer classes, and a honey bee class on Saturdays. I have become an official severe weather watcher. Hey you know me, I'm always watching those skies. The sap is a risen, we tapped our Maple trees this year, the pails are filling up. Lea is buzy getting her clown act and costume down along with reading The Unicorn books. Bre has her first boyfreind, and I like him a lot, he is very nice and polite. Good to be in touch, Polly, Kirk! Love Love TREnd

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2003

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