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Hello Michael, I thank God for blessing us and our children with an angel like you. I watched that documentary and amongst all the B.S. coming out of that reporters mouth, I watched it in a different light and saw nothing but a loving, caring, gentle human being who is blessed with such a beautiful voice that God has given you, and the reason you are so blessed is because, well I believe, he knew you would use the money for the children. I have always liked your music but now I am a bigger fan because you have such a Gigantic Heart. I too feel that kids need lots of love and thats all they need to give them a better foundation to grow on and become secure in themselves knowing that someone loves them. You don't just throw money at children like some celebrities do but you spend time with them and show them that there are people who care about them and love them. Thank you Micheal Jackson! Thank You for being there for the children! I know no one can stop you from helping children and I'll be praying for you! God Bless!

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2003


if you truly believe this pervert is an angel and innocent,you willburn in hell and die sleeping tonight.happy dreams

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2003

Michael, I hope you know, and that you'll never forget that, that you have a lot of people, all around the world, young and old, black or white,....who support you in whatever you do!! Who will never ever let you down, and who believe in your innocence!! So, michael, don't let anyone ever take away the sun that shines in you!! Just stay the way you are, because you are the most lovin' and caring person I know!!! And if people don't see that, then that's too bad!! Why is the only thing some people do is talking bad about someone who is not 'like evertbody else'.. Ok, so what, he still likes to play while he is 45,... I just think, that we should all be a little bit more like him, and all be a little bit more 'child' , because, if you think about it, it are not the childeren who create wars, and who kill people.. No , it are the adultes, so, if we all just kept that child in all of us, if we just safed it for a little longer, this would be a better world!! And this is to that Jojo girl , or boy or whatever... I just wanna say, if you ain't got anything usefull to say, please shut the f*ck up then!! only God can judge about someone, so if you ain't God, you ain't got nothing to say about him!! To all the rest, Love, Peace and Repect!! God Bless michael and all the children in this world!!

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2003

I believe Michael Jackson is innocent! He always is giving too less fortunate kids. Ive never heard of anyone giving as much as he has. God bless Michael Jackson!

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2003

i believe that micheal jackson is innocent,he has been a big star since little and in my eyes i will always think as micheal as a wonderful singer who i love and honur. what people are saying is hurtful; to all of his fans and him especially i will be believing in him all the way as i know deep inside everyone will eventually know that he is innocemt as well

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2003

Why you peaple are fighting over this ! We all know Michael had a very very hard childhood and he had no childhood at all, that is why he is just like kids, dont even think of sex with him, he only needs peaple to care and he does care about children because he was not when he was himself a child.What is wrong to like having children around him...if it be a woman no one would notice helikes children ! For me he is NOT GUILTY...the only thing is peaple wants their kids or some bad apples...wants HIS MONEY ! Thank you. GOD BLESS MICHEAL AND I REALLLLY HOPE THIS INCIDENT WILL NOT INTERFERE WITH HIS CARREER.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2003

you said it there's only a few Michael Jackson fans here'

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2003

i know that ur real name isn't not a michael jackson fan...i actually have a brain!

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2003

by the way jojo my name is Angelica not sunny girl thats just my email Address anyway everything you said about Michael Jackson is true''

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2003

yeah go sunnygirl!!!!someone who talks some sense!!!firstly...God would not send his angels to watch over Michael Jackson...because he takes innocent little children and abuses them...u people are messed up!If Michael wasnt famous you people would be terrified of him!He does a bit for charity...but so do most celebrities...its just that jackson can manipulate the media and fool people into believing he is some kind of god...i have news...he is not!!!!!!wake up people...why dont you try praying for the poor refugees in Iraq or for the families of the September 11th victims...I think they deserve it more!

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2003

who the hell are you?

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2003

Sunnygirl, she was being sarcastic you nit wit.

-- Anonymous, March 05, 2003

17 why are you asking?

-- Anonymous, March 05, 2003

How old are you angelica? Because you show a lot of maturity!

-- Anonymous, March 04, 2003

Anita you should shut the hell up you know what i think your so stupid to like that moron Michael Jackson

P.S. lick ass bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, March 04, 2003

Why are you even on here sunnygirl, oh you just decided to stop by and past judgement on people, who's the stupid one now?

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2003

i think you people are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid you know that just take a look at michael jackson now!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2003

Like me Anita you are a very loving and careing fan. And i also pray for Micheal Jackson.

-God bless Amber Alonzo (12)

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2003

May God bless Micheal Jackson and his family.

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2003

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