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It has been really busy with all the goat babies here. Then we have been trying to get David's house cleared out as well, so we've been running a lot.

Jared isn't doing well in school because he has no real discipline. He is a smart boy, but he just can't stand school. I have had a few talks with teachers and they all really like him and care about how he does, so that is helpful. He is grounded for 2 weeks now because he lied about his homework to us.....ugh. I think he is starting to work on his sullen teenager schtick now.

It's strainge for me because he learns differently than i do....He isn't verbal, but much more mathmatical and visual in his learning. I', trying really hard to be encouraging, but still insistent that he do the things he dislikes. We made an agreement about reading....I finally conceded that he didn't have to like reading, but he still had to do it. Funny enough, after that he actually read without a half hour discussion preceding the action.

The goats are great, except for Slinky. She just seems tired. She eats well, but gives little milk and just looks kind of sleepy. No temp, no worms, no CAE signs---I don't get it. I'm worried about her.

The kids are growing like weeds and doing just fine...Thank you, God!

By now---

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2003

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