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Does n e one know the title to the opening song in Reign: The Conqueror? Any help would be apreciated, cuse its driving me mad.

-- Kalibus (, February 16, 2003


Try checking the credits when the show ends.

-- Logo (, February 16, 2003.

I Believe its "Worthy of Your Soul ". Don't know who sang it though..

-- Shiori (piithunder21@YAHOO.COM), February 18, 2003.

DJ Milky & b-nChant-d featuring Rachel Pollack "Worthy of your Soul" recorded for Reign: The Conqueror

-- Nuri Pazol (, February 19, 2003.

Thats the title. i have treid so many diffrent opyions but cannot find ANYTHING on KaZaA! if anyone knows where to get it please help!

-- Ashura (, February 19, 2003.

Omg! It's driving me insane too! I want the song so badly, I mean, even the short version would let my mind at ease, but no! There is absolutely NO merchandise anywhere. You'd think there would be something on eBay... I guess this anime was made in the USA, because I can't even find import stuff. Anyways, contact me on AIM if you guys ever find the song. It'll be awhile before there's any soundtracks though, which means no MP3's either.

-- Viandroto (, February 19, 2003.

I wish I could find that song, too. My searches are in vain. It haunts me.

-- Sho (, February 19, 2003.

Ah, well I seem to have found something that will suffice for me, mayhap others: propertycode=ALX&categorycode=VAN&page=trailers

DJ Milky b-nCHANt-d featuring Rachel Pollack - Worthy of Your Soul

Happy haunting.

-- Sho (, February 19, 2003.

It is making me angry trying to find that song..i cant even find background music from in the show..i looked on the dmc world dj datbases and couldnt find anything...HELP!!!!Does anyone have a tv converter for the computer..i hear you can record sound off one.

-- levi-san (, February 19, 2003.

I'm pretty connected as far as getting Adult Swim stuff on my computer... I'm sending out feelers as we speak to getting Reign- I know an SA goon or two that can link me to any BitTorrent downloads.

I got the teaser downloaded as an mp3: Click here to get it yourself, or check for me on WinMX.


-- skye (, February 19, 2003.

yes i play the song off the tokyopop website, but i woul like to be able to save it as my own so i can add it to my playlist. (times like these make me wish i was a computer genius)

btw: i would like to know: was Reign/ Alexander made in the US or Japan? is it actually an anime?

-- Ashura (, February 19, 2003.

I believe its a Japanese Anime judging by all the Japanese names they use in the end credits before they get to the american (Or in some cases Canadian) people. Not sure where this one was dubbed. America and Canada both have dibbs on Anime dubbing.

I too have the same, going crazy for the full song of Worthy of your Soul. I really wasn't sure if I'd like this anime... I wasn't 100% into Aeon Flux...never really understood it (or stayed up long enough to watch it.) Lol... but this is really good. Almost makes up for me having to miss Inu Yasha. lol. but if anyone finds a version of the song you can actually burn onto a cd, lemme know!! I'd love to have this song!

-- Andrea (, February 20, 2003.

It is really sounds to be originally Japanese. One can tell because of the stlye of speech (small words in Japanese sometimes have to have long English translations. And these translations are usually stock ones at that.) It is about the only perks of being a Japanese major:)~ But I love the art and I have been looking for the opening theme too. Relentessly. It is quite hypotizing. When someone finds the full version (if there is one) please post where you found it.

-- Royce (, February 20, 2003. odd a cartoon about war could make a song so soothing ,tempo-ed and wonderful.

Oh yeah...forgot why i was here...holding up a cd of the song Bidding!!!!! lol

-- K/O 1 (, February 20, 2003.

"yes i play the song off the tokyopop website, but i woul like to be able to save it as my own so i can add it to my playlist. (times like these make me wish i was a computer genius)"

Right click, save as, the link I posted earlier. Its a link to the file, directly.


-- skye (, February 20, 2003.

err...seems im not the only one looking for the song...[sigh] yeah like everyone out there...if anyone finds the complete version...please be kind enough to inform the rest of us unfortunate seekers...thanks...

-- Rei (, February 20, 2003.

i've been looking everywhere for this too... i'll keep looking and post back if i find anything. peace v_v;

-- solus (, February 20, 2003.

The right click thing doesn't work for the site provided, it keeps saying like "About Quicktime" and something else, but the option to save is not there. Its because of the type of file its uploaded as. Darn it all to heck! :P

Oh well. I'll keep looking too. I'm on a mission now. heh heh. The song is just too wicked to not have in my anime music collection, and every comic store I go to have absolutely nothing on Reign, not even the dvd's they're suppose to have released, or maybe they're not out yet?

-- Andrea (, February 20, 2003.

try using a different browser like opera. I clicked the link it asks if i want to save or open with MusicMatch Jukebox.

-- Ahgoo (, February 20, 2003.

Thank you so much skye!!!! It worked!

-- Ashura (, February 20, 2003.

If you use Limewire, I found the tv version on there. I hear that the DVD will have the original long opening and that there's a longer version of the song to go with it. It's supposed to play if you watch the dub. It's also an original song, totally different than the original long song.

Try searching Limewire for Reign and Worthy of Your Soul as 2 different searches.

Hope that helps!

-- Madeline (, February 21, 2003.

Hehe, so glad it worked!

As far as reign is concerned, I was on the phone with TokyoPop this morning, and they told me that the first DVD was scheduled for release on the 25th of Febuary.

Hell yeah.


-- skye (, February 21, 2003.

I have the complete MP3 rip from the DVD- but it's not a full-length song, sorry! If you want it, find me on Kazaa (or one of it's networks); I've titled it Reign the Conquerer...


-- DeMaNz (, February 21, 2003.

Holy cripes- I've been searching all over; and accidently run along this site and find the song! Thanks so much!

I've been playing it on the new Winamp letting it run the little run- it sounds like a whole song.

I didn't think I was going to like the anime in the first place-but well; it's proven me wrong. It's actaully quite riveting. I think it was the animation that first stirred me off-but well; that's gone out the window. And as for it being Aeon Flux related- I knew it looked like it; but I really had no idea if it was or not, for the point that I thought it was primarily Japanese. Now it seems to be a combination of animation-which I find a very good and interesting idea.

Hellsing stills tops my anime book though-kekekeke.

Anywho- thanks alot to the one who linked the song! You are godly.

-- Cassandra (, February 23, 2003.

finally, people who know my pain! after the first episode aired on adult swim, i was addicted. and it drove me insane since there was absolutely nothing on Reign:the conqueror in my searches, let alone the kick ass song at the begining. anyways, i'm just saying that i would also love to hear any info on a full length downloadable version. thanks!

-- naveen (, February 23, 2003.

Patience, my friends, patience. If you want it, it will surely show up. Sooner or later, it all comes together. Americans will be overrun by anime this fine year of the ram. with the advent of the anime network we will have more anime than we can shake a stick at. if people want anime, im sure big brother is mostly willing to cash in on it. -good luck and happy hunting :)>

-- Colin (, February 25, 2003.

sheesh, this song is a hussy. nuff said. And thank you so much skye (that was it right?) for the small clip of the song. it means alot to us people who really like that song. Anyways ive been searching under KaZaA for it, have come up with no results. maybe im spelling it wrong or its not too well known for it to be a world wide thing yet. ill be comming back here. thanks.

-- Sari of L2 (, February 25, 2003.

i have a sample of the song worthy of ur soul from reign the conqueror, and its an mp3 if u guys want it aim me so i can send it to u its only 35 sec. long but its really good and i luv it soo much i finally found it yay !! well aim me guys if ya want it cuz i know i was searching for it long and hard just as u guys so let the frustraition end and aim me so i can pass it on. ^_^ ttyl's Kaira

-- kaira [screen name- ixcutybabyxi ] (, February 25, 2003.

for those that want to add it to your playlist, just right click skye's link and click save target as, then you can play that 35 sec clip to your hearts content on your computer in winamp or whatever.

thanks skye, its playin away

-- browntown (, March 02, 2003.

i can't belive that we all love the same show.

-- Sam Fisher (, March 02, 2003.

Yeah, I really hate that I can't find any of the music really. I mean, I want more than the opening song... The background music would be great... So hard to find though :-\

-- MaxDuo (, March 02, 2003.

It's over...Reign is over :( Must get DVD soon... Till then, the search for the coveted song shall continue...

-- Rei (, March 04, 2003.

Does anyone know where to find any background music from Reign:The Conqueror? I'd really like to have the music they played when Phillotas died. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

-- Quincy Myles (, March 05, 2003.

does anyone have the song's lyrics??? Pleaseeeeeee,

-- J D (, March 05, 2003. you can download it there

-- jonnnney (, March 05, 2003.

Thanks for that clip,mabey if i listen to it enough i can figure out the lyrics from that, though if anyone has a place where i can see the lyrics written down that would be a big help, but i offer a Great BIG Thanks to Kalibus, And i ask anyone with the lyrics to send them my way. *thumbs up* thanks again

-- Essence (J.D.) (, March 05, 2003.

I love Reign: The Conqueror well it seems we all do. Man if Napster was still free theres the answer to our music needs. Im gonna keep lookin eventualy it will turn up.

-- Alex (, March 05, 2003.

OMG: FINALLY got to see the show tonight. I've been excited ever since I saw the preview on CN. Peter Chung rocks my world... So I'm not sure, but I think Ken Ishii does some of the music. I saw his name flash across the screen tonight during the credits. He totally rocks. Sort of organic techno... not quite as arrhythmic as Aphex Twin, but cool as hell. Anyway, I haven't gotten to search for any songs yet, but hopefully I'll find some. For those of you who really like the sound, though, check out some of Ishii's other work, particularly his remixes.

Over'n'Out, T-Dawg

-- T-Dawg (, March 05, 2003.

Lots of opportunity out there for the diligant, it's just not yet popular enough to get on everyone's systems because the file itself is so short. I have a direct MP3 sample of 35 seconds, but certainly there is more. Soon...Very soon. The voice is hard to hear at a few places, but the backup singing helps a lot in figuring it out for those looking for the lyrics. That and at least knowing how to use frequency masking, and enhancements. =^_^= Oh, Legend Great Oh, Hero of Fate Don't let them trap you and use their control Seek out a kingdom worty of your soul.

Loved Aeon Flux. Love this music. Don't much like Reign enough to get the DVD, but still want the whole track if/when it becomes available, and may just get the DVD when I can find it JUST for that. Too much math! Augh! =^_^=


-- Tana Morningstar (, March 05, 2003.

Alright, thank my friend Megmurry for giving me ftp space... But here is the full file, 3:38 of sexy audio goodness. like earlier right click save as to dl it. (or option click on mac)


-- skye (, March 05, 2003.

Thanks Esence! I totally got captivated by this anime. I think mostly because of the artists unique style and the surreal and emotional music just sealed it for me. I wasnt sure if i was the only one facinated by it when i first posted my question, but it's good 2 know i wasn't the only one. A big thanks for skye for sharing his findings.

-- Kalibus (, March 05, 2003.

oh legend reign ... oh hero war plate ... dont let them trap you you'll set control... seek out a kingdom worthy of your soul

-- alexander the great (, March 05, 2003.

Thanks for those lirics, before this i could not figure out what came after oh hero. thanks alot for that one. Well if anyone ever finds out where i can find the song's complete lirics i'll be most greatfull.

-- Essence (, March 05, 2003.

I think it's oh legend great by the way , not oh legent reign, because i was listening to it, and i heard a t sound after the first part of the courage, after listening to it on the DVD a couple of times i deciphered the words oh legend great. i never got what came after oh hero, but it might be war plate as it was pointed out earlyer so if anyone has any idea what the actruall words are let me know please.

-- Essence (yet again) (, March 05, 2003.

I always thought of it as "Oh, Hero War Makes.." o_o But I interpret everything wrong, so don't take my answer as definitive. ^^;

I, also, have been searching absolutely EVERYWHERE. I worship you peoples who have posted the links to the songs. *_*

-- Topaz (, March 06, 2003.

Bomb... Skye... you are the bizzomb. I've been searching for this song so long I was about to go crazy.

Whooo hoo... just went out on my Mp3 mailing list.

-- Semi (, March 06, 2003.

Thanks for the link to this song. The Animation style in Reign and in Flux is hard to swallow at first glance, but i think is very original and refreshing.

-- caronte (, March 06, 2003.

does anyone know if Rachel Pollack has done any other stuff?

-- yakov grinberg (, March 06, 2003.

Alright, spent a good half hour or so on this, so hopefully it is correct. I am not very sure on the second block of words because the middle makes no sense, rotfl. But anyway, hope this helps~

And it probably IS Hero War Plate now that I listen to it a billion times over, but I think Hero war makes sounds better xD You know, as in, War makes the hero.. They may also be saying something about "Fate"...

Anyway, what I could manage:

Oh, Legend Great... Oh, Hero war makes, Don't let them trap you, when you set control, Seek out a kingdom worthy of your soul.

Reign all the empires, Tears fallen cold, Unquench your bloodthirst for ambition old, When no words left to make all your own Liquid and mounting I see, Oracle told,

Oh, Legend great, Oh, Hero war makes, Don't let the chance take its own toll, Seek out a kingdom worthy of your soul.

Torn between lovers, (Ash is) Ash is your prize, Fleeting youth of glory, (Burning) Burning my eyes. What blood I fashioned, pumping in your heart, Divine intervention as the Oracle cries.

Oh, Legend great, Oh, Hero war makes, Don't let the chance take its own toll, Seek out a kingdom worthy of your soul.

Oh, Legend great, Oh, Hero war makes, Don't let the chance take its own toll, Seek out a kingdom worthy of your soul.

-- Topaz (, March 06, 2003.

dude i dont know what it is but its not oh hero war makes! there is a t in it

-- alexander the great (, March 06, 2003.

It's clearly "Hero Ornate"...

-- Inu (, March 06, 2003.

ornate! it doesnt sound anything clike ornate its either war plate or fate

-- alexander the great (, March 06, 2003.

its clearly to me now its oh' hero warate

-- edward price (, March 06, 2003.

sorry warfate

-- edward price (, March 06, 2003.

It could also be Hero War Mate, lmao, there's waay too many options for this thing.

-- Topaz (, March 06, 2003.

::scratches head:: Uhhh sounds like 'hero of late' to me, but thats just me.

-- Stephanie Jeansonne (, March 06, 2003. Skye I am madly in love with you now!!!! This guy has his lyrics.... as far as he can figure out.

-- Ravenwaift (, March 07, 2003.

the lyric is "hero of late"

-- StryfeHauk (, March 07, 2003.

you people are morons. hero war plate? hero ornate. clean dem ear drums. jeez. download the song nad listen to it again.

-- Jube (, March 07, 2003.

I'd just like to pop in and say thanks to the nice person who posted the link to the full version of "Worthy of Your Soul". Thank you skye! I started watching Reign on the current pass through of episodes, and I'm already digging it alot. Very cool! ^^

-- Sforzie (, March 07, 2003.

The uh.. FTP link doesn't work :-\

Whoever mentioned Napster earlier heh heh.. There are programs out now that you can do better on in my opinion heh heh ;)

I'd go for the lyrics but there are so many people to have done their attempts at them by now.... Eh.. Just depends how well I hear it... There was some link earlier of a site.. Dun know of those were the full versions of the songs though...

-- MaxDuo (, March 07, 2003.

Gahhhhhhhh... The link to that download site.. That site only had the 30 second version... Still need the full length one :(

-- MaxDuo (, March 07, 2003.

I've been trying to find a full version of it for about three hours now. *sigh* I've tried KaZaA, Bearshare, and Soul Seek. And the link to the site for the entire song isn't working. Please, if ANYONE finds it let me know. Thanks.

-- Telp (, March 07, 2003.

please, i too wouldlik to find that music, love those chords

-- rico (, March 08, 2003.

my vote is for "Hero Of Late"

-- yakov grinberg (, March 08, 2003.

Sorry, the overwhelming response to the song wiped out my friend's bandwidth. I can send it via email if your mailserv has 5 megs of space, just email me here. Or else I can send it via AIM file transfer, but that is sketchy at best.



-- skye (, March 08, 2003.

the song title is worthy of your sould and i keep missing who sings it. they list it in the credits as the japanese version then they list the english version after the english cast. if i find out ill come back and tell everyone

-- Nikki McIverson (, March 08, 2003.

so what you guys are really saying that no one really is 100 percent sure what the real lyrics are?, well thats ok, the'll have to come out sooner or later, but untill then, i'm going to just wait and see what you guys come up with hehe

-- Essence (, March 08, 2003.

Well...Ive looked everywhere myself, I cant find crap...I searched for 3 hours tonight and ahve been unable to find anything longer than the 35 second sample....Im DLing one now on kazaa thats..1:35 seconds(probably the 35 second one though) we'll see....if someone has tthe full version send it to my e-mail I'll stick it on a FTP

-- Andrew Murphy (, March 09, 2003.

And it is Hero of Late, Not Hero warplate LOL...funny man

-- Andrew (, March 09, 2003.

If anyone finds a good free ftp server that will handle that big of an upload I'll upload the copy I have of it.

LL Porn *

-- LilianLee (, March 09, 2003.

I believe the line is "hero of thedes"

and does anyone think there is a possibility of getting the full song, or do you believe it's only a clip?

-- Zombie Cowboy (, March 10, 2003.

Pretty sure it's 'Oh hero of late' but it sounds like an s at the end also, oh well. Now my thirtieth time listening I'm sure its hero of late.

-- Cole (, March 11, 2003.

I have the full version of worthy of your soul. Get it from me on kazaa at 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. Good luck. Due to my numberous uploads, you might have to be enqueue for hours. Good luck anyways. I named it Worthy Of Your Soul. My acc name is

-- default (, March 11, 2003.

Thx a lot defaultuser. Your song was appreciated. I have the song too if anyone wants it. Look for me on kazaa.

-- James Fox (, March 11, 2003.

the lyrics are: Oh Legend Reign, Oh Hero of Late. who was the genius that thought of war plate? what's a war plate anyway?

-- Jason (, March 12, 2003.

Ok, Can someone plz tell me the name of the song? Or the name of the artist that sang it? It's driving me crazy!! I look up everything on Kazaa but I can't seem to find a thing :(! If you know anything could you please email me and let me know?

-- Sonia (, March 12, 2003.

did you bother reading this thread?

-- yakov grinberg (, March 12, 2003.

you rock Skye!

-- Ann (Celesleia@AoL.CoM), March 12, 2003.

oh legend made, oh hero of fate, don't let them trap you, use their control, seek out a kingdom worthy of your soul

-- Jeremy (, March 12, 2003.

Lol you guys are HILARIOUS. War Plate!??!!?!?! LMAAAAAAAAAAOOOO. -=still looking for the cast of characters=-

-- Shaleen (, March 12, 2003.

Shaleen - Here's the folks listed on the little flowchart included in the DVD:

Alexander - Main man

Phillip II - Alexander's father & King of Macedonia

Olympias - Alexander's mother and ex-wife of Phillip

Eurydice - New wife of Phillip

Attalos - Phillip's adviser and father of Eurydice

Parmenion - Phillip's adviser and father of Philotas

Roxanne - Mysterious Babylonian hottie

Bucephalas - Alexander's horse (is this the classical spelling?)

Plato - Teacher of Aristotle

Diogenes - Teacher, doesn't appear in Vol. 1

Socrates - Teacher, ditto.

Aristotle - Teacher of Alexander, student of Plato, voiced by John Lee and bearing a striking resemblance to a certain Breen politician...

Cassandra - Niece of Aristotle, voiced by Denise Poirer, and does that red hair curl up just a touch at the ends?

Darius III - King of Persia and rival to Alexander

Assassins of Pyhtagoras - mysterious mathematical heavies

Cleitus - Macedonian cavalry officer, friend of Alexander - he of the Van Dyke and double-bladed staff.

Ptolomy - Macedonian cavalry officer, friend of Alexander - he of the red hair and somewhat cowardly disposition.

Hephaestion - Macedonian cavalry officer, friend of Alexander - he of the half-helmet and strange harp. (Lyre?)

Philotas - Macedonian cavalry officer, friend of Alexander, son of Parmenion

Philippos, Dinocrates, Anitgonos - listed as servants of Alexander, don't appear in Vol. 1.

Hope this is in some way enlightening. I think I need to review my Greek History - this series is damn good and it makes me wonder how much of it is rooted in fact. For the moment I think my favorite bit player is Darius - dig that purple hair, baby!

-- Charles Martin (, March 12, 2003.

Dual thing?

-- Sam (, March 12, 2003.

I still think it's "Hero of Pain" that at least rhymes and the song seems to have a rhyming scheme so that's not totally off the wall :)

-- Scheherazade (, March 13, 2003.

I hear Born Hero of Fate.....

-- Max Orient (, March 13, 2003.

Still looking for the full version here....

oh I keep hearin "Oh Legend Great...." just seems to work...

-- NoYur_Role (, March 13, 2003.

Thanks , Charles :D :D :D :D!!!

-- Shaleen (, March 13, 2003.

Hey if anyone is looking for the full version I got a copy from Skye (you rock!) E-mail me ill send it to you if you can get a file that big. I think its like 4mb or i'll even trans via AIM just send me an AIM - CeLesLeia. dont be shy I'll be happy to send it

-- Ann (Celesleia@AoL.CoM), March 13, 2003.

sorry... i hear "oh ledgend great, oh hero of fate"

-- Max Orient (, March 13, 2003.

Okay, I've listened to it on my DVD a couple of times, and I believe it's:

"Oh legend great, oh hero of fate" then I belive it changes to, "Oh legend great, oh hero of late."

I may be wrong, I've been listening to it for so long, but maybe not. I hope this helps. ^_^

-- Telp (, March 14, 2003.

I have an mp3 ripped from the dvd. After listening to it, I think I have the (english version) lyrics right. Mind you, I don't know what they really are either. They can be found on my online diary:

-- Karingdas (, March 14, 2003.

LOL Well, I suppose I should really read the entire thread before popping in next time. I've got the mp3 on Kazaa as well (since my connection usually won't allow me to transfer files this large over MSN or AIM) in case someone hasn't got it yet. Gomen!

-- Karingdas, again (, March 14, 2003.

Oh, by the way you could have found out the song title ealier if you just looked at the credits... you should know the song titles are always on there.

-- kim allee (, March 15, 2003.

The song title to "Reign The Conqueror" is in the credits it's called... "anatano kisuwo oshiemashou" ok.

-- kim allee (, March 15, 2003. A5%AF%A5%B5%A5%F3%A5%C0%A1%BC%C0%EF%B5%AD&alocale=0jp&acc=jp

Dudes, if you're trying to find the title in Japan, know that it's not called Regn: The Conqueror. It's called Alexander Senki.

But why would you, you can get them in america.

-- ZenKeiler (, March 15, 2003.

I LOVE the theme song, but have never really gotten into the show. Can anybody put on close captioning who has the DVD to see if it has the lyrics on there? Skye, I am so mad I can't get the full song. Is there any other way to get it from you? Thanks a bunch! Proud listener of really great theme songs!

-- CrystalRoseman (, March 17, 2003.

I know this has been repeated over and over countless times, but can someone PLEASE send me the full version of Worthy of Your Soul? I have the short one played on CN, but that's about it. I believe I am going insane...oh and about the whole "hero war plate" lyric thingie, I always thought it was "hero war face" but then again I'm almost always wrong. >.< There's a bit of a 't' stress at the end of the word, so I dunno...

-- Kaitlyn (, March 18, 2003.

Hey guys, it's not the perfect answer, but I plan on recording what I can get off of cartoon network on the 20th. it will be clean because I use full digital wire to pipe it to my pc, and then i turn it into a mp3.

I will post back here when I have it finished, or you can contact me on the 21st, I should have it up on my server by then.


[p.s. hope this helps]

-- Denny (, March 19, 2003.

I'm going to chew all of the nails off of my left hand if I don't find this song! REIGN is on now, and I've been listening to the 0:35 clip over and over again. I've read the entire thread and none of the links to the full version work. (I understand the bandwith problem though, I hope your friend's site isn't damaged permanently, skye).

Whoa, someone just got killed on the show, I'm going to go watch. Good luck on finding the song, and thank you for the links (warplate)!

-- Sara (, March 20, 2003.

The Warplate! Just $3.99 at Denny's while the Iraq situation lasts.

-- Byrony (, March 20, 2003.

you know, it sounds to me like "Oh Hero Au Lait" ... French for 'with milk' only you're not supposed to pronounce the 't'. dammit! what confusing lyrics!

-- Kairu Hakubi (, March 20, 2003.

*giggles* That's so funny. Warplate, warfate, au lait...LoL. I'll be hitting one of you up for the full version song soon, I hope you don't mind...

-- Monica (, March 20, 2003.

Do a Kazaa search for Rachel Pollack. It should come up.

-- J Lowe (, March 21, 2003.

Thanks soooo much, Celes. Just a little bit of sounds like Hero of late, and I can definately see where you got the warplate from.

-- Monica (, March 21, 2003.

Maybe that was my friend Scott who posted. He thought for years that that old disco song "More Than a Woman" was "Bald Headed Woman"

-- Byrony (, March 21, 2003.

Forgot about the "au lait" - hee hee! Alexander au lait - I'm all over that. Goes great with honeyed Hephaestion.

-- Byrony (, March 21, 2003.

i've been looking for weeks for the full version of the opening song...if anyone that visits here happens to have the mp3 please send it to me...

oh and... ohhh legend great ohh hero of late...

-- Lutalia (, March 21, 2003.

A great big thank you to Ann for sending me the full length version of "Worthy of Your Soul" also to Skye who passed it to guys make this world a better place...

-- Rheyne (, March 21, 2003.

look for me on Kazaa.

-- Last Prince (, March 22, 2003.

I can't find this song anywhere :( I looked on WinmX and other places...but no luck. I can't seem to find the song at either :(. Is there snyone who knows how to find it on the website?

-- eric a amacker (, March 22, 2003.

you *sure* you tried WinMX? I'm on pretty much 24/7, and I've instantly approved a number of theme downloads, so I know its out there. you might have to try searching more than once.

If all else fais, email or IM me.

skye, who is beginning to wonder if anyone actually *reads* the thread before posting. ^_~

-- skye (, March 22, 2003.

I wonder if I should even bother since it seems some ppl don't even read the posts before posting. I have the Full Version of the theme I got from Skye the God of the Reign Theme. Email me at CeLesLeia@AoL.CoM if you want me to forward it to you ONLY if you have real email. Yahoo/Hotmail do not accept files that big. Failing that AIM CeLesLeia. Go ahead and ask Im not gonna say no. LOL why are some ppl so shy about it. Im only a lowly priestess.

-- Ann Fernfield (CeLesLeia@AoL.CoM), March 22, 2003.

I've also got the opening theme(thanks to Ann((Oi, I can't believe I called you Celes up there. Sorry, I'm an idiot))) so if by some rare chance no on else is on, there's me. :) My email is below and you can catch me on AIM: SouthwestEggroll or TheSnarkyOne. People, read previous posts. It worked for me.

-- Monica (, March 23, 2003.

I don't get it! I've tried about 1 million times on WinMX w/ NO results. Can anybody tell me what titles to type in? Maybe I'm putting in the wrong ones...

-- Kaitlyn (, March 23, 2003.

I have a version of "Worthy of Your Soul" that is 3:38. I can send it zipped via e-mail or AIM (my SN is Skeen441), but be advised that I am a college girl and am not always available for this kind of thing; occasionally I go to class :) My college will shut off my internet connection if I send files through Kazaa, so this is the only way.


-- Skeen-ka Passthrough (, March 23, 2003.

YaY! So happy. I FINALLY found the full version of "Worthy of Your Soul" off WinMX--the trick is to type in 'Reign the Conqueror' w/ OUT the colons. Ahh...I can breathe now! :)

-- Kaitlyn (, March 25, 2003.

Hey guys I always thought the lyric "Hero of late" was "Hero of fate"..made more scene to me! :) Also, you can find the song on KaZaA now too!

-- Richard Campbell (, March 25, 2003.

Hi, I didn't read all of the msgs posted, but it seemed to me like some of you were having trouble finding this song on KaZaA. I had no trouble getting a hit when I typed in "Reign: The Conqueror" in the audio search mode. The song is so hypnotizing, i just had to get it, though I'm not a huge fan of the show. I've only started watching it cuz my boyfriend likes it and asks me to watch it with him. The animation is great though.

-- Katie (, March 26, 2003.

"O my son, seek out a kingdom worthy of thyself, for Macedonia is too little for thee. " This is what Phillip (Alexander's father) had said to Alexander. (not in Reign: The Conqueror) They didn't just pull these lyrics out of thin air!

-- EG (, March 26, 2003.

I GOT THE FULL SONG IF ANYBODY WANTS IT !!!!! Just IM me on yahoo my sn on there is.... running_wit_a_hatchet2003

peace out

-- wesley Hiner (, March 27, 2003.

Do's anyone know the title of the song that play's while persia is marching?

-- Dorius (, March 27, 2003.

Topazina pointed out that the Persian theme seems to be from the Iron Maiden - Alexander the Great song, so if you want to hear it more, I suggest checking that out.


-- skye (, March 27, 2003.

What about the song that plays when Cleitus dies? *sniff sniff*...I wanna get that too.

-- Kaitlyn (, March 27, 2003.

Yeah, continuing on what Skye said, exactly 5 minutes into the song "Alexander the Great" by Iron Maiden, the instrumental sounds a LOT like Darius' theme.

I think all of us want songs from in the actual show. Personally I want that freaky spanish dance music they played at the end of Episode 12 xD; We should petition Tokyopop for a soundtrack!

-- Topaz (, March 27, 2003.

It does not! :( I just D/l off of kazaa and it dosn't sound like it to me:(

-- dorius (, March 27, 2003.

I just love that music. The Anime is so so but that music rocks.

-- Jazelle (, March 28, 2003.

"It's driving me mad to. I beat myself up if I miss the Opening Theme Song. :P I am searching through every search engine I can find, and so far nothing, I have that song in my head right now and its bothering me MAD! I'll contact you if I find it." :D

-- Cara the Blue Wolf (, March 28, 2003.

if you want music like the persian theme then try downloading music by Secret Chiefs 3

-- Jason (, March 28, 2003.

"if you want music like the persian theme then try downloading music by Secret Chiefs 3 "

like what?

-- Dorius (, March 29, 2003.

Zulfikar III Jabalqa Lapsist Exillis Renunciation Knights of Damcar Huqalya Shalimar

those are some of the songs that have a little rock/metal in it. all their songs are good. i recommend them if youre looking for middle eastern/metal/techno music. for some extra backround on them (for people who dont know), theyre mr bungle, minus the vocalist mike patton

-- Jason (, March 29, 2003.

o for the love of god i can't find it any where! i have the 30 sec clip but i need the whole damn song please some one help! send it to me or tell me where i can get it pleze!!!!!! none of my kazaa searches have worked helps me!

i also want that crazy lupin the III song but mostly reign

-- chris (, March 29, 2003.

sorry im a little unfamilier with this type of messaging. let me list the songs in a less confusing way... with commas!

Zulfikar III, Jabalqa, Lapsist Exillis, Renunciation, Knights of Damcar, Huqalya, Shalimar

-- Jason (, March 29, 2003.

If you type in "Reign: The Conqueror" in kazaa it should come up. I just got it.

-- Bevin (, March 29, 2003.

Try WinMX, too. Type in 'Reign the Conqueror.'

-- Kaitlyn (, March 29, 2003.

BTW, has anyone checked out ''? They said their latest project is Reign: The Conqueror, but the song section has been under construction for a while.

-- Kaitlyn (, March 29, 2003.

Jason, did you say Techno? I love techno, and that church chant like music to. Ok, so I like the Arabic/Techno/Chant, almost what you have, dou you know of any good sites I could find these at?

P.s. I am still looking, I think I found it, not sure, but I am close!!!

-- Blue Wolf (, March 29, 2003.


-- BLUE WOLF (, March 30, 2003.

heres the record label its on. another band on the label called Estradasphere is great. they dont sound like SC3 and theyre really good.

-- Jason (, March 30, 2003.

har har im dling it now if anyone would like it add me to one of your messengers and ill send it to you only one at a time tho aol is summonmeteor2012 and yahoo summon_meteor2012

-- letters numbers (, March 30, 2003.

this is off topic but...REIGN THE CONQUEROR IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Although, there are people who think the show is crappy because it is not "eye candy (pleasing to their eyes), I think it's one of the best animations out there today! I'd rank it with cowboy bebop and grave of the fireflies. I'd just like to say, when phillip divorced olympias...wasnt it awesome how Alexander was like "LOOK INTO MY EYE!" and so sad :::tear::: when phillotas died...

I'm waiting for it to come out on DVD yay! I'll be the first to buy it or at least of the first.

-- eric :D (, March 31, 2003.

i love the songs on Act 11 (episode where Philotas dies). the scene during the execution and the credits.

hehe at first i didnt know how philotas died, but then i watched again and it was clear the alexander killed him and philotas didnt die from blood loss. very stupid of me

-- Jason (, March 31, 2003.

I also love the music played when Philotas died. but I still can't find it anywhere. I looked on back on the 5th but it wasn't there. I also tried looking up the names of all the people they listed on the credits: Ken Ishii, DJ Milky, and b-n-Chant-d. But nothing turned up. I have to have that music, I've played and rewound the execution scene so many times that my VCR is about to break. Topaz is right, we should petition tokyopop for a soundtrack. Anyway, Jason or anyone else, if you find that piece of music please let me know. Thank you.

-- Quincy (, March 31, 2003.

for heaven sake people...anyone with an above average vocabulary can clearly hear the woman sing the lyric "oh legend great, oh hero ORNATE"'s really not that hard..only took me 1 listen-through.

-- David (, April 02, 2003.

that and the theme of Alexander's actual life and its adapted form by Chung would more warrant a term like 'ornate' than some b.s. liek 'warplate' or the other cal i've read here for possibilities....

-- David (, April 02, 2003.

He had a nice album awhile back called "Jelly Tones".

-- Mat Rebholz (, April 02, 2003.

you know...that petitioning idea sounds really good. there could be some artist who's making music for the series who is getting the exposure he wants and needs, and yet can't get any of his music to see because none of us can find it!

in other news, the show itself does rocketh much arse.

-- spikesangel (, April 04, 2003.

I got found the full version...

-- Porter (, April 05, 2003.

I agree. The petition sounds like good idea, even though online petitions don't awlways work we should give it a try. I really love the music.

-- Jason (, April 06, 2003.

I e-mailed tokyopop a few days ago and asked if they were going to release a soundtrack for Reign. I haven't heard anything back yet(i may have e-mailed the wrong person) but maybe if they get enough e-mails from people who want the music they'll release a soundtrack.

-- Quincy (, April 07, 2003.

Oh goodie!

-- Kaitlyn (, April 07, 2003.

I have the DVD, interesting the captioning doesn't match the song in the least. I imagine it is the original theme translated. I am going to have to copy it off of Cartoon Network. I think it has been moved to 1:30 am.

One more change to diaryland poster who did a great job, best I can tell, "With no words left to/Make all your own" should be "With no WORLDS left to/ make all your own". It's a reference to the oracle prophesy that he would conqueror and destroy the world and the legend that he cried when looking upon the heavens because there was only one world for him to conqueror. More when I have more.

-- Erik (, April 08, 2003.

HAHAHAHAHA i have the full version of the song from Reign. If you can download it from kazaa, the song title is worthy of your soul and the name of the artist is Rachel Pollack....but until then HAHA I GOT THE FULL SONG!!!

-- jordan (, April 13, 2003.

I've read through this threat. You guys are all great! I'd like a CD of the series' music. Any news about the possible release of such a thing??---or if there was one in Japan that might be obtainable?

-- Seth Joseph Weine (, April 14, 2003.

Greetings. I sent a message to Tokyopop, the distributor of Reign, telling them how much I liked the music, and asking if there's a CD. (They do sell CD's for the music of some of the other anime series that they disribute). Below is the reply I have just recieved from them, and my reply to it. Perhaps a write-in campaign would get them focused on issueing a soundtrack. Their e-mail is:

Here's their letter: Hi, Seth- Thanks for the kind words and for writing us here at TOKYOPOP. We are glad that you are enjoying Reign on Cartoon Network. Unfortunately, there are no plans of a soundtrack. It could be something that we could look into doing, since you are definitely not the only one who has been enjoying the music- Hope this helps TOKYOPOP

Here's my reply to the above: Thanks for your reply. Indeed, I've also discovered a number of people that are absolutely enthusiastic about the music. I hope you'll seriously consider releasing the soundtrack--particularly the theme music. I'd bet there are probably two versions of the theme: an abbreviated one that is used in the cartoon's opening, and a longer version. I'd hope you include both on a CD.

Thank you!. Respectfully yours, --Seth Joseph Weine

-- Seth Joseph Weine (, April 17, 2003.

yo I found the opening song off of kazaa and yes oh yes It is the full version! I live on campus so its hard as hell to get around their firewalls. You can find me on Kazaa or Soul Seek "initial D" Just im if your gonna use soul seek. In extreme cases if your cool about it I'll send it to you directly through msn. I know how hard it is to find anime music. GL with the hunt!

-- Initial D (, April 18, 2003.

"Hero Ornate"... not sure if this was cleared up, but I don't see it as war plate, war makes, ornate <--- its deff not ornate, I damn sure its Oh Hero "Of Late". So just listen to me and be happy. Im never checking this forum again, so just email me and tell me how right i am.


-- VisheZz (, April 18, 2003.

Thanks go out to both sky and CelesLeia(from whom I got the full version). I will now try to make a 128kbps version of this mp3. Let's hope I know what I'm doing.

-- Di3S3L (, April 18, 2003.

I got an e-mail from Tokyopop, in response to my last note to them (se my last post, a few back from this one). This is what they wrote:

You are right--there are two version of the song- the into for Cartoon Network and the full complete version that is on the Reign DVD. You should check it out! TOKYOPOP

You'll note that they didn't say that they'd look more closely at issueing a music CD.

I urge eveeyone on this liist to write to Tokyopop, asking them to put out a musi

-- Seth Joseph Weine (, April 19, 2003.

By-the-way, if you want to write to Tokyopop, their e-mail address is:

-- Seth Joseph Weine (, April 19, 2003.

I know you are talking about the theme of the show, but does anyone know the name of the theme song for Darius III? (Babylonian king) I like the arabic-style played heavy metal. Any reply appreciated

-- Arcturus Kennedy (, April 20, 2003.

My answer is this:

kill yourself.

Reign the conqueror is one of the shittiest productions ever made. you are a peice of trash for enjoying it.

kill yourself please.

-- bill heinaman (, April 20, 2003.


-- Jackon Narodo (, April 20, 2003.

i found the full version on kazaa, a few weeks ago. i feel guilty tho, with everyone here suffering. ^^; it's called "worthy of your soul", and i can't seem to find it again. i'm usually on kazaa in the afternoon, so if anyone wants to download it, i won't cut you off. also: my AIM name is jasuten1983. if someone here IM's me, and i'm not too busy, i might be able to send you the file, if you ask nicely ;) later


-- Jyun (, April 21, 2003.

to any anime-bashing bigots/hicks who are dissing Reign: at first, the series didn't interest me too much, until i started watching it. i got hooked, it's an excellent series, and very symbolic in it's adaptation of the legend of Alexander the Great. sure, there's guys in thongs. the men wear less than the women, that's my only complaint. it was like Vagrant Story all over again. *snicker* but it's still an excellent series, and you can't say otherwise unless you actually watch it all the way through. only then does someone have the right to criticize such a piece.

-- Jyun (, April 21, 2003.

Bill you sad human being. You come here and tell someone to commit suicide because you dont like a series. The fact that youre doing it is for attention, not to get your opinion out. Yes a simple answer and common too, but its the truth. As I said youre a sad human being. The world doesn't need someone like you, but Im not going to take the step you did which makes me look like scum and tell you to kill yourself. Im going to tell you to change.

-- Jason (, April 21, 2003.

Nicely put Jason. Indeed he is a sad person with some anger issues or something. lol look at his email domain "" WTF? lol @ bill. late

-- Kalibus (, April 21, 2003.

LoL ^_^..."hotmale"....people. please.

-- Kaitlyn (, April 21, 2003.

I sincerely hope he wasnt BILLly bob, the fucked-up hick/redneck/clan member wasn't talking about me when he said what "his answer was." I'm seriously psychotic and won't hesitate to drive across the country to set his house on fire. I already have worthy of your soul, in perfect quality (full version) and i dont have time to argue whether it's Hero ornate or Hero of late, i dont know and couldn't care less, write Tokyopop, no one ever did to ask that question, but what is DARIUS'S THEME?

-- Arcturus Kennedy (, April 22, 2003.

I was reading in New type mag and they do have a soundtrack thats gonna hit stores but i have no idea when it will come out here in the states. I have a feeling its gonna be like a single or something for Rachel Pollack's Worthy of your Soul bc the anime didn't have a whole lot of songs. Jyun i hope you enjoyed the full version bc you downloaded that from me within 10 sec of when i got it. he he look for us on Kazaa we got the hook ups!

-- Initial D (, April 22, 2003.

Well i hope thats true and I think it had enough songs to fill one disc.

-- Jason (, April 22, 2003.

Here is a link to the full version. I had to zip it to get it up on Geocities. Hope it still works when you download and unzip it!

-- C (, April 25, 2003.


-- A very gateful Fan (, April 25, 2003.

................ i think theres enuff info on reign'z feem sawng. Lets get to Darius's theme

-- (Nonofyodamnbiz@fuckyou.bitch), April 27, 2003.

Once again, I urge all of us lovers of this series' wonderful music to lobby the producers to release a music CD. You can reach Tokyopop at their website:

Maybe by taking such a pro-active stand we can get their attention--and get them to take action through letting them know that there's a market for a CD.

P.S. Please urge them to include both the short and long version of the theme on the CD.


-- Seth Joseph Weine (, April 28, 2003.

its the short clip of the theme song from

-- Xiph3r (, May 01, 2003.

Ok to straghten you alls out i listend countless times and got it so here it is

"Oh, legend great, Oh, hero of fate, don't let them trap you, use their controll, seek out a kingdom worthy of your soul"

Still sounds a bit iffy cause it sounds like first part says born legend great but o well if im wrong ill correct it. ^.^

-- Zayea Venndrey (, May 02, 2003.

Just got it off Kazaa titled Worthy of your soul.

-- Ray (, May 06, 2003.

There's an interview with the designer of Reign, Peter Chung. It's at: [click on the AVClub section, to get to the interview]

I'm sure that Reign fans would like to read what Mr. Chung has to say. Please pass this along.

-- Seth Joseph Weine (, May 06, 2003.

I am unsuccessful at finding this interview :(

Can you tell us where exactly it is?

-- Jason (, May 06, 2003.

Sorry about that. It appears that The Onion has temporarily removed it from the web (I'd speculate because they just posted a new issue, and are reshuffling the info).

I'll keep on checking this for you, and post my results.

Respectfully yours, Seth Joseph Weine

-- Seth Joseph Weine (, May 06, 2003.

If anyone at all still wants this song. Try contacting me on YIM. px_charon or ICQ# 34761688 I'll be happy to send it to you.


-- Charon (, May 07, 2003.

OK, the Peter Chung interview is now on The Onion's website.

You can go to it directly at:

-- Seth Joseph Weine (, May 08, 2003.

I don't know why it was so hard for all you people to find the song. The first moment I heard the begining theme I jumped on KaZaA and found the full version right away. oo; Maybe it's just my good luck? Anyway, if anyone is still searching for it let me know because the full version is killer! @.@

AIM: NaviMistress

-- Panda (, May 08, 2003.

Navi Mistress, it was so hard for us to find the song because this is back from like, February or March, maaan. XD But now, no, you've got it made! Already on Kazaa! XD Anyway, just kidding around..

-- Topaz (, May 08, 2003.

Actually this was in Feb that I downloaded the song. :P I guess I didn't realise how lucky I was to get it. Too bad I never found this site earlier. ^.^; Oh well.

-- Panda (, May 09, 2003. are so very lucky. The rest of us searched high and low, past hill and mountain, river and stream, valley and gale, ocean to ocean, continent to continent...ect....(I could go on forever) to find Worthy of Your Soul whether full version or short in the previous months. You should feel lucky, think of all those poor, starving indiviuals out there who haven't found and downloaded the song yet! :)

-- Kaitlyn (, May 11, 2003.

I know. :x I take this gift too lightly. Though even from the begining I treasured that song and was so happy to get the full version. Good to know it's easier to get now, for all those who don't have it.

-- Panda (, May 11, 2003.

I just sent my third e-mail to Tokyopop asking if they would give me a list of the music from Reign, complete with title and artist. Or tell me how to get in touch with the composers of the music. They seem pretty adament about not releasing a soundtrack, but if they knew how many people really wanted one they might change their minds. It only takes a minute, just send a short e-mail telling them how much you like the music. Who knows, if they get enough e-mails they may put out a soundtrack just to shut us up. It worked in "The Shawshank Redemption." The e-mail address is:


-- Quincy (, May 14, 2003.

I guess none of you have been to my site lately cause if you had been to it you see that I got the entire song and a music video for "Worthy of you Soul" by Rachel Pollack Lenght 3:38.

-- Jinu (, May 14, 2003.



If the link won't work, my AIM: daftgirly

-- Janet (, May 16, 2003.

In addition to Tokyopop not having any plans for releasing a CD of the music, they have no plans for releasing a boxed set of the DVD's (they just plan to release the 4 volumes of the DVD's separately, over the next several months.)

So, if you're going to send Tokyopop a suggetion to offer the music CD, you might ask fhat they do a boxed set of the DVD's too.

Send you comments to them, via their website:

-- Seth Joseph Weine (sethweine!, May 16, 2003.

Jyun you are my hero, thanx for the song!

Reign the Conqueror...what can I say about it....

The first episode I saw I thought was freakishly weird...In fact I didn't like it at all at first...and I wasn't too keen on the artwork either...Then my friend told me he liked it and why...Basically he told me Alexander gets a lot cooler and he starts wrecking I watch another episode and thought it was interesting...All in all the series grew on me...I like the premise..wish the men would wear some pants...But the adaptation is sweet...

-- C Megs (, May 19, 2003.

i downloaded the song but i want the lyrics

-- Adam Af (, June 26, 2003.

Does any know where to find, or even mabye have the Opening song!? I mean THE opening song, when the Platohedron is forming and the narrative is running.

-- vinnie (, July 02, 2003.

I got the lyrics right here with me.

"Worthy of Your Soul" DJ Milky & b0nchant-d featuring Rachel Pollack

Oh legend great, Oh hearo of late, Don't let them trap you, use their control, Seek out a kingdom worthy of your soul.

Reign over empires, tears fallen cold, Unquenchable thirst for ambition bold, With no worlds left to make all your own Liquid and melting as the oracle told,

Oh legend great, Oh hero of late, Don't let their jealousy take its cruel toll, Seek out a kingdom worthy of your soul.

Torn between lovers, (Ash is) Ash is your prize, Fleeting youth of glory, (Burning) Burning eyes. Hot blood of passion, pumping in your heart, Divine intervention as the oracle cries.

Oh legend great, Oh hero of late, Don't let their jealousy take its cruel toll, Seek out a kingdom worthy of your soul.

Oh legend great, Oh hero of late, Don't let their jealousy take its cruel toll, Seek out a kingdom worthy of your soul.

Can anyone help me find the full mp3 for this song??

-- Kelli (, July 08, 2003.

I've found the lyrics for the Anata no Kiss wo oshiemasho~You were mine, the second song in Reign: the Conqueror if anyone is interested. But can someone please find the mp3 or download for this thing?

-- Kelli (, July 09, 2003.

When you mean Second Song, do you mean the Japanese opening?

I have the MP3 of the Japanese opening, if you want me to email it.


-- skye (, July 11, 2003.

HI! I think this post is awsome, but "hero war plate" ??? I dont think so! HAHA! ALSO, does anyone know where to get or maby even have the song that plays during the Platohedron sequence at the begining? I LOVE THAT SONG! I NEED that song dammit. does anybody have it?

-- Vince (, July 16, 2003.

I've been readin' this thread for about an hour now. Everytime I come across a link to the full thing, its broken or some crap and just WILL NOT let me download the frelling thing!! my AIM sn is Warrior Eos, please either email me or IM me if you have any way I can get it. Actually, I'm not the one who wanted it, (altho I do now) my friend called me up and asked if I could find it for her. she's been buggin' me for 2 days straight! help me please


-- Arisu-chan (, July 18, 2003.



-- Seth Joseph Weine (, November 19, 2003.

Yeah, I just bought the box set, and it came with the cd. The box set itself is really nice, well put together. I don't get what all the fuss is about though, the song is.... horrible! God, i eman, talk about cheesy! Anyways, Reign rules, Peter rules, later.

-- Max W. (, November 22, 2003.

Not sure if anyone is still using this, i mean, last post was in november? Anyhow, if anyone is still out there *waves* i need help! I just found this little place, but i've been looking for that friggin' opening song 'Worthy of your Soul' and finally found one... it's wonderful, it's amazing - and for some reason, it's playing on my RealOne player, which skips and stalls like mad. i love this version, a lot of the versions i've found sounded like they were coming out of a can, or they were very very short. i don't know if i'm just being stupid, but there isn't a way of transferring the RealOne player clips to WinAmp, is there? or, better yet, if someone had a decent version they would give me? if anyone could give me ANY feedback, i'd appreciate it. i finally downloaded AIM and i'm Fiorenomiko. (sigh) any help would be welcome, thanks guys.

-- Sarah (, December 14, 2003. said that you found the lyrics to the Japanese opening song...Where did you find them? Or if you don't mind, would you give them to me?

-- Jackie E. (, December 15, 2003.

I have the American song and would share or trade. I like it better than the Japanese version -- it might be a little cheesey, but it at least goes with the show. The Japanese song is so mushy... ;P

Here's a site with the Japanese lyrics

-- Aimee Powell (, December 16, 2003.

I still have the song, same AIM address.


-- skye (, December 16, 2003.

For any of you looking for the whole worthy of your soul song got to and search through there because i have listened to it a thousand times i just cant remeber how to get excatly there

-- Jenny (, December 28, 2003.

ok just copy and paste this in your address bar and it should take you to a site that will let you listen to the whole song. and you can also look at screenshots and see the opening of and and other stuu. but just copy and paste: and you should get there.

-- Jenny (, December 28, 2003.


i just downloaded the song from that link today. ^_^ if anyone is still looking to download the song, i recommend that link.

-- amy (, January 09, 2004.


Anybody else seen/heard the boxed set with CD?? I'd love to hear all of your reviews!

--Seth J. W

-- Seth Joseph Weine (, January 30, 2004.

Look it's hero of late, y? He had to take over for his dad after he died. He's the late king of Macedonia, and the late hero (his dad was the hero before him)

-- SirOcelot (, April 03, 2004.

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