What books/poems are influenced by Poe's life?

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I need to write a research paper on Poe and I was just wondering if someone would be able to list two or three books/poems that Poe wrote that are majorly influenced by his life?

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2003


In general they all are if you know Poe's life. He also was very consistent in themes and presentation. Take "The Lake" which is a minor incident of his visiting a lake. In context he shows what his poetic quest and Muse is for him and how it takes precedence over everything else. Emphasize everything. If you are looking for more autobiographical works that is difficult. Poets universalize from such starting points. "Alone" is an early and honest example of expressing his poetic calling in terms of his life. Another example is "The Assignation" a wild exagerration of love lost. In real life his fiancee was made to dump him. In the story the lovers reunite in a double suicide, an operatic conclusion more Byronic and idealized(in a dark way) as a solution to the sorrowful separation. In no way was Poe going to commit suicide but he was pretty desperate until he met and married Virgia Clemm. Even after, he drew on this emotional source for poems like "The Raven". In a way it is like Dante used Beatrice, passionately yet abstracted and universalized, depending on the original emotional force unrequited. The first "To Helen" similarly seemed addressed to an early childhood friend, Mrs. Stanard- who died. "Hop Frog" is interesting as a retrospective. You can find hints of many past stories(usually turned on their head) and bitter judgments aabout his literary defeats and Virginia's death.

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2003

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