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What is Michael Jackson's email address?

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2003


michael jackson if u recieve this mail reply back and ill give u some more much powerful prayers adn i am 110% sure ull be out of the prison GOD bless you

o Jesus you said ask and u shall recieve ,seek and you shall find ,knock and it shall be opened to u through the intercession of mary your most holy mother i knock, i seek and i ask that my prayer be granted

(state ur request)

o jesus you said all that u ask the father in my name he will grant you through the intercession of marry your most holy mother i humbly and urgently ask ur father in your name that my prayer be granted

(state ur request)

oh jesus u said heaven and earth shall pass away but my word shall not pass through the intercession of mary your most holy mother i feel confident that my prayer will be granted

(i am a ghristian at the hour of my death please call a priest)

-- Anonymous, December 19, 2003

I can't say that I'm michael's biggest fan, but I can say that i'm a BIG fan. I think about him I dream about him and my friends are going crazy because he is the only thing I talk about


Love Ingvild

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2003

To all of you who are just pretending to have Michaels Email/ Home address, this is to you: Please stop pretending. I know a lot of people claim to be Michaels biggest fan, but i truly believe that I am his biggest fan. For me, my love for him goes beyond" I think he is a good dancer, or a good singer". I see the answer to my problems in his face, I see my soulmate, and a best friend.Although I have never even met him!So please- If you have his addressm could you tell me?It is a dream of mine to communicate with him. Its my calling.PLease tell me his address. Thankyou

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2003

I don't believe what the news or other people say about you,until I see it with my own eyes. You are an awesome performer and seem to be a very kind and gentle man. You love being around children and and giving what ever you can of yourself,I understand!as you were abused while you were growing up. Good luck&God Bless

-- Anonymous, November 28, 2003

i luv michael he is the madest person in the world and i believe he is not guilty

-- Anonymous, November 28, 2003

All people suffer, and we are trying to find ways to hurt somebody. Geroge Michael is really very nice guy, and he does not 'treat' young children sexually as it is said through TV and Radio. Civilised people must show respect to the private life of Michael JAckson because above all is a HUMAN like us ! Well done Michael Jackson, I am on your side ! xxxxx

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2003

None os these e-mail addresses are Michael's and for you all to jusdge him in these such ways is just wrong!. You do not know for a fact that he did those things. I know for a fact that he didn't do those things, he is not the kind of person they put him out to be. If you watch interviews of his and he's explaining himself, you can see that he is not what they want you to believe. I believe Michael and I will NEVER see him as a pedophile, that is NOT what he is. He is a loving, caring, and sincere man who loves to give back to our communities. Instead of judging him, people should be glad that he is 1 out of millions of celebrities who actually care as much to want to give back. Most celebrities don't care about any children what so ever, Michael is giving back to children what he never had when he was a child. If you do not know him DON'T judge him, get to know him first then make your decision based on what you KNOW as a FACT! PLEASE dont believe everything you hear!!!

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2003

all of you people that is asking for this man's email address and saying bad things about him of being a fag, a freak ,and a child molester you are a bunch of real phoneys like michael said. I would give you michael's email address but it's a secret. he would kill me if I give it out. I would like to have his phone number so I can call him sometimes and have nice conversations with him. I've been a fan since I was a little girl to now and I would do anything I could do to meet him in person. I am sorry but I can tell you michael's email address no way, no how!

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2003

ok....get ready!!! here is micheals real e-mail address...are you ready??? are you sure?? ok...here it comes............ILOVEYOUNGBOYS@MYNEVERLANDRANCH.COM....LMAOOOOO....BU RN IN HELL JACKSON....YOU PEDOPHILE FREAK!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, November 23, 2003

i am very sick of people accusing michael of being a child molester it is very disturbing to me. i am not really a fan of michael but i believe in my heart that he has done nothing wrong. why don't people ( the white people) just leave him alone. i think it is rediculous the way they have treated him!!! He is only a child at heart what is so wrong with him just being a kid himself? we all are kids at heart if only you could look inside yourself and quit being white or fixed on going with what society says, be yourself for a change!!! i stand bye you michael no matter what they say. it's as if you are the 2003 version of jesus, no one believed he was our massia and look at the wrong we did to an innocent human being who was only trying to save us from ourselves and our sins. we cannot let that happen agin. people are not allowed to judge other people. who do they think they are??? They are not god, who gave them the right to pass judgement on anyone?? i have felt so stongly about this whole situation that i even argue with my husband about who in the hell he think he is to judge another human being. i will say it to him and anyone else who comes my way, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!!!! and even if im wrong about anything that i have said and feel, then thats not for any human being to say, the only person i have to answer to and all of us, is the lord jesus christ. AMEN!!!

-- Anonymous, November 22, 2003

Micheal my name is Christina Dawson. You may not know me but I think you are very cute and wonderful.You make me feel like I am a girl who will always find peoples hearts.Love you Micheal Jackson

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2003

I dont know if any of you really have Michael's mailing or email address but I would like very much to get it if I possibly could. The reason I want it is for my son. He wants to write to michael and believes as I do that people try to hurt him and rob him just because he has money. I would be greatful if someone would please give me the mailing address and email address if it is real.

-- Anonymous, November 18, 2003

Hi, I really love Michael Jackson I am only 13 years old and I would like to get to know michael Jackson and maybe we can be friends and if you want to know I am a girl if you are reading this michael it would be a honor if you would email me or go on the chat room so that we can talk and maybe we can be really good friends.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2003

I am dying to know MJ's e mail, not so I can tell him how much I love him but to be his friend. I am still a kid under the age of 13 and would love to visit NEVERLAND.

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2003

Hi i would love to no what michael jacksons email address is as i also have a desire to get to no him also don't take the p*ss out of him. Any people who want to get in touch with me just email me.

-- Anonymous, October 17, 2003

Hey I don't like it when anyone disses my man. Micheal is the most wonderful person I know. If anyone out there really knows his home/email address I would really appreciate it if you would give it to me. Micheal if you're reading this I would really like to talk with you so please give me your email addres. Thanks!

-- Anonymous, October 16, 2003

Stupid phoneys! I would like to hurt you verbaly if I atleast had a 4th grade educa....what ever. I hate prankers. I am the only micheal jackson there is and ever will be.I hate people who mimic me, it's just not right. It makes me mad. It makes me upset. It makes me want to hang my children. I love children.

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2003

I think there is no published email address or phone number of king of pop , i really love him and his songs and always i wanted to contact him somehow but i couldn't , now i am sure that he has no published one coz he can't read all of emails as answer them or even maybe if he had an email address which was published it was possible that he couldn't access his box :D kinda denial of his box service (DoS attack) Vafa,

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2003

ya'll are a bunch of idiots...none of you morons has his real email address...wake up and smell the coffee retards...

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2003

Ok his real email is michaeljackson@sony.com if anybody wants to email him email me first then I will tell him that you are going to do it so he'll be sure to send an email back. He's a busy guy you know.

-- Anonymous, September 02, 2003

Hi, this is such a random come back to all the useless psychotic weirdness going on in most of this correspondance, however, I like the last 2 entries: some one asked a question and got an an answer..hmmm not too hard init? The simple things in life....'m so glad you 2 could keep it friendly and simple, i am so sick of the complicated bullshit that this world keeps ruining us with. I say have a beer, wine, cola, juice, h20... whateva.... just knock one back and thank the stars that you just made one persons life a lot less complicated, even if it simply an address that belongs a very cool dude. Stay cool brothers and keep it real ok! I'm from Oz if you wanna email me you are more than welcome!


-- Anonymous, May 09, 2003

I do have his mailing address...you can get it at http://www.exclusivelymy.com in the FAQ section. But here it is: Michael Jackson / Neverland Valley Ranch / c/o Postmaster / Figueroa Mountain Rd., Santa Ynez Valley / Los Olivos, CA 93441 / USA .....Your welcome by the way!

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2003

Some of the women on this site seem to be very rude. I would like to know Mr. Jackson's real e-mail address. I would like very much to correspond with him. I have a desire to truly get to know him as a person. So what sets me apart from the world? Nothing. In the world's eyes I am nothing. However, in God's eyes I am everything. "WE ARE THE WORLD" We are all God's children. If someone would be so kind as to give me Mr. Jackson's real e-mail address, with his permission, of course, please let me know. Or he may e-mail me: chastity77@aol.com

Thank you for at least giving me the opportunity to answer.


-- Anonymous, April 28, 2003

i am the real Tina Turner, so forget Michael Jackson, e-mail me if u want 2, go on see if it is real, if u believe mail me. I AM NOT SECRETIVE ABOUT MY EMAIL ADDRESS, SO U ALL CAN HAVE IT. GO ON TAKE IT,

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2003

* HIS REAL EMAIL ADDRESS * peterpan_mjj77@yahoo.ca

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2003

I know MJ's email because my uncle used to drive Michael to his concerts/award ceremonies/etc.. So in case something happend my uncle or I'd have to tell him, so thats how I have his address.

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2003

guess what i already have his real email address only i can't tell cya'

-- Anonymous, April 15, 2003

because you don't have it you jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all of you fools out there stop saying you have michaels email address and his home address because you don't have it and if you do why won't you show it so stop pretending you have the singers email Address and home Address!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, March 04, 2003

i know it i email him all the time i cant tell you cuz that would be wrong cuz he trusts me bye you fans !!! *smooch**

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2003

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