History of Valentine's Day

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I am sending all of you on this discussion board the love of Jesus Christ. As we celebrate Valentine's Day I hope we will remember the freedon that we have in this country to worship Christ, freely. Perhaps today you can call someone who is lonely and tell them God loves them so much and invite them to church on Sunday. Valentine's Day is names after an actual person. I am including an article from this month's BLESSING MAGAZINE on Valentine's Day. Love one another as Christ loves us.

The origin of Valentine’s Day differs among historians, yet many believe the special holiday originated from St. Valentine, a Roman Christian Priest, who was killed for performing Christian weddings and practicing Christianity.

St. valentine died on February 14 269 A.D., a day town’s people in Rome used as a pagan fertility holiday.

Legend also states that on the day of Valentines death, the priest left a note for a friend and signed it, “ From your Valentine”. In 496 A.D. Pope Gelasius made February 14th a day to remember and honor St. Valentine.

Gradually this holiday became a way for young couples to send warm sentiments of love to each other. The holiday became even more popular in the United States when Ester Howland sent homemade Valentine days cards to her family and friends. Commercial cards became popular in the 1800’s .

During this Valentines Day season, let us remember St. Valentine, a Christian priest who was killed for believing in our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Let us remember the unconditional love Jesus has for all of us, which is far sweeter then any candy or treat.

Licentiate Danielle Rogers

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2003

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