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Can the SOUNDTRAXX DSD-100LC decoder be used in a Bowser steam engine using the Bowser supplied motor? If not is there a SOUNDTRAXX decoder that can be used? Just getting started in DCC and have had other engines fitted with the DSD-100LC and I am pleased with the results.

-- James Mazeski (, February 13, 2003


James, from what I understand from Bowser's site and from building a few of their Bachmann repower kits, if you have the newer DC-71 motor it's DCC compatible. The way they say to tell is if there's two wires coming off the motor, that's the newer version. One wire is the older one. They have on their site where you can order just the brushes to convert an old to a new, or you can send in your old DC-71 and $14.95 (if I remember right) and they'll send you a newer one back.

-- Mike Ochs (, March 03, 2003.

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