drawing plans for the sutro baths.

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i am looking for the original drawing plans of the sutro baths playland before it was closed down?

-- Amit Patel (patelamit@hotmail.com), February 13, 2003


You might check that up with the Sutro Library near Stonestown.

-- Harry Murphy (harrymurphy@bigmailbox.net), February 13, 2003.

I checked out the Sutro Library several years ago and discovered they only have plans for Sutro Heights.

The SF Public Library has plans for the Baths, but the drawings are extremely fragile condition and not generally available to researchers.

The National Park Service archive at the Presidio has a large map collection that includes dozens of drawings of Playland and the Cliff House, including the 1890s "gingerbread" Cliff House and the current Cliff House

-- Paul Bailess (pabailey@slip.net), February 13, 2003.

No plans of Sutro Baths but used the facilities often in the 30s and can relate a bit about it. However, I am writing mainly to say that I have an old large photo of one view of the interior and could make an effort to send a high quality copy. Privately email me.

A former San Francisco native with lots of memories of the Good Old Days when San Francisco was a great city in which to grow up.

If, perchance, any reading this knew me in school, please email me and say hello.

Marshall Woodson woodson@jps.net (WW2 Vet)

Now living on our small 113 acre farm at Corning California (Northern Sacramento Valley off of I-5 Freeway)

I used the even then not well known trail along the cliffs and through a very minor tunnel. Said trail reached by walking along the westward Sutro Bath fence. I never knew about the trail and cave spoken about in this forum...wish that I had known.

Can share many trivia memories about San Francisco. Walked across the Golden Gate Bridge the first day it was open (foot traffic and the Mayor's car only). The new Mint also opened in 1937 and we visited the opening day. Also rode round trip across the Bay Bridge as an inaugural day Key System Train passenger (no fare charge).

By the way, I reached this sire in an effort to verify my memory of seeing a bit of snow on a window ledge in 1934, I believe. This was in the Richmond District on Balboa Street off of 41st.

-- Marshall Woodson (woodson@jps.net), March 10, 2003.

I am a native San Franciscan, born and raised in the Sunset District, and have distinct memories of being in the Sutro Baths wading pools with my parents when it was open to the public back in the 1950's..

I have since had an interest in the Sutro Baths and remember skating at the ice rink as a young boy and going across the ice to the small observation deck to peer through the gaps in the whitewashed windows which formerly overlooked the pools. As a young man I went to the California Historical Society and California Pioneers to sift through the many photographs of the baths dating back to it's construction.

I know that they will not allow anyone to take the gorging packets of original photographs into the back room to look through them anymore because so many ended up missing, and I don't know what they may have left today, but it's worth a try to contact them to see if they can help you locate the original plans..

-- Dave Zeidler Sr (zeidler@rarebird.net), April 07, 2003.

Hi. The original plans for Sutro Baths are at the SF Public Library. However, as mentioned above, they are very fragile and not usually available to researchers.

-- P.S. Perris (psperris@slip.net), April 07, 2003.

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