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Dear Internet Church Family,

Please help me to increase my knowledge of the Bible by submitting some minutia from the Bible everyday. I learned something very interesting this past Sunday from a sermon.

The first Bible question is as follows:

How old was Daniel when King Darius forced him to go into the lion's den?


-- Anonymous, February 13, 2003



I'm game. Bring on the trivia. If nothing else, it allows me to deflect attention away from pressing international problems. Now I will admit upfront that I do not have my Bible or Biblical resources right in front of me or stored in the bookcase in my office so I will respond impromptu. The Book of Daniel describes the Babylonian practice of confiscating financial wealth and human resource wealth from Jerusalem. Given King Nebuchadnezzar's desire to capture young Jewish intellectuals (Daniel, Shadrach, Meschach & Abednego) it would make sense for Daniel to be in his mid-twenties. What I can't recall is the chronology of events which led to Daniel's banishment to the lion's den. I would estimate that Daniel was probably a young turk in the neighborhood of 25 years in age. I'll double-check my respond when I go home tonight. QED

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2003


For three years when I could not hear at all, it was my task to provide the Youth Message at my church each week. With the youth at my church you don't dare come unprepared or you will get a rude awakening when you are finally through.

Since every child knows this story from four years and above, This is what my research revealed for the questions I knew they would ask.

According to Biblical chronology, Josephus and other historical accounts, Daniel lived through the entire Babylonian period of 72 years. He arrived during the last year in the reign of Nabopolassar, somewhere around 605 BC, stayed through the 45 year reign of Nebuchadnezzar, assisted 5 succeeding kings, survived through the occupation by the Medes and into the occupation of the Persians. He is believed to have died two years after the Jews were allowed to go back home.

Having first become captive as a teenager, at the time of King Darius and his being put in the Lion's Den, Daniel was somewhere between the age of 80 and 90 years old. Unlike the three in the firey furnace he was in the Lion's Den all night long and unlike their tender age he was there when he was very old.

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2003

Thank you all for responding to my question!!!

I want to especially thank Brother Matthews for his answer. It never ceases to amaze me about the wealth of information I obtain from this web site. When I first heard the minister say last Sunday during his sermon that Daniel was 88 years old, I thought that maybe this 75 year old minister was senile. I went back and checked by Life Application Bible commentary and it stated that Daniel was in his 80's. I was shocked because all of the christian artwork I have seen previously shows a young man in the lion's den. I also must admit that Brother Matthews must be quite learned about the Bible to give the response that he gave.

This sermon took on new meaning for me because the preacher stated because of Daniel's age, he knew what God had done in his life and he had such great faith he was not afraid to die in the lion's den. The preacher also stated that Daniel laid on the lion's back instead of laying on the hard surface of the den. I don't know where the preacher got that information .

Well thank you all and I hope that Brother Matthews and Professor Dickens will be submitting some questions so that I can feed my soul more on the word of God. Thank you all.


-- Anonymous, February 14, 2003

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