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What has higher compatibility rates on stand-alone DVD players, VCD or S-VCD? Also, can i increase the chances of my vcds playing on home DVD players by burning them onto DVD-R (DVD+R, +RW, -RW, etc)? Or is that even possible to do with just a cd burner? Thanks...

-- noah james (, February 13, 2003


VCD has the best compatibility on stand-alone players. SVCD compatibility seems to be improving, but I would say that VCD still has the best. You can't burn DVD-R/DVD+R with a CD burner. If you had a DVD burner, I would not recommend burning VCD format to DVD-R or DVD+R discs. While it is possible, most players would not expect VCD format to be on a DVD disc and probably wouldn't play it. However, VCD video can very easily be converted to DVD format. All you have to do is demux the video and audio and convert the audio to 48 KHz from 44 KHz. has a guide on doing this is if you are interested. Excellent questions.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), February 13, 2003.

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