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Hi everyone,

Back in 1993, me and my high school friends wandered around an abandoned mansion down the street from Twin Peaks, in San Francisco. I went back there a few years ago and saw that it was being demolished. Does anyone know the story behind that house? It was the scariest thing in my life to wander around it at 2am at night. Thanks so much. Take care.

-- Cindie Cruz (, February 13, 2003


Do you have an address or an intersection? That would help look it up.

-- Rosa (, February 15, 2003.

Bet she's talking about that house on the south side of Clarendon, right near Twin Peaks Drive, that was abandoned for decades, then torn down in the mid-90s and replaced with several townhouse kinda things. Does that location sound right, Cindie?

- SA

-- Sylvia Allen (, February 26, 2003.

Yes, that house on Clarendon, right near Twin Peaks Drive, came to mind for me too. Unlike the person who posted the question, however,I never went into it. Its location was pretty intriguing, high up on the side of that hill and all. I believe it also had a remarkably long covered stairway that zig zagged all the way down to perhaps a garage on Clarendon. I dimly recall from a news article that the person who bought the property wanted to demolish it and build something else, but was restrained by a legal decision that part of the property be preserved. I don't know, however, what happened, as I don't notice much anything when passing there now. Perhaps someone will come along and tell

-- Hamilton Barrett (, March 02, 2003.

Yes, the stairway zigzagged down to a garage. The front of the house was on Mountain Spring Avenue, up the hill. There was another part of the house down below that, and the stairway and garage on Clarendon, and the rest of the huge hillside lot was red rock with cypress trees and bushes. The new owner did tear down the stairway and garage and lower part of the house and take out the trees. The very top part of the house is still standing on Mountain Spring Avenue. The owner then built a lot of townhouse kind of things filling every inch of the lot except where that part of the old house is.

-- Sylvia Allen (, March 11, 2003.

But, I meant to say, I'm not aware of any murder associated with the house. Not that I'd know, necessarily.

-- Sylvia Allen (, March 11, 2003.

Thanks everyone!! I will research it a bit more.. (Maybe the murder was a myth??)

-- Cindie Cruz (, July 12, 2003.

It isn't haunted. It was at one time however.

-- jaso (, December 07, 2004.

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