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Ok i know this is off the subject of ĈON, but i figure this would be the place to ask. So i've been catching Reign all this week on CN. (Shout out to yakov grinberg for the heads up that it was going down.) I like the show, and was amped to hear John Lee (trevor) playing Aristotle. So now i figure i'll buy the DVDs ASAP (hey i hesitated on the ĈON one and now i can't find it for under $100). I see from that gradually 4 dvds will be put out. Finally my question: does anyone suspect or know if some sort of "DVD collector box set" will be released?? also what about a soundtrack?? cause i haven't been able to find one at all, but would be intrested.

-- m. dretto (, February 12, 2003


i've got another question along these lines...

is there an 'unedited' and 'edited' DVD version being released? i dont want to get the kiddie one by mistake... are the covers different? any help would be fantastic.

(sorry i couldnt answer previous post!)

-- nuttsy rox (, February 26, 2003.

1st Answer - Haven't heard anything about a Box Set being put out, but all 4 DVD's will be put out this year. Volume 1 came out yesterday.

2nd answer - They are only putting out the unedited version, so all the nudity and extra gore that was cut on AS is in it. But they actually left in a LOT more violence than I think anyone thought they would.


P.S. The DVD also has the original "almost 4 minute" opening. On the Japanese Track you get the original theme. On the English track, you get the long version of "Worthy of Your Soul" (The song used in the TV opening)

-- Madeline (, February 27, 2003.

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