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Hello from Bountiful!

I was shock at how long it has been since I've written in the journal. I know I give tibbits of news on the Chat of the Week but...we're suppose to keep a journal.

First I'll start with last Tuesday's (a week ago) coyote hunt! Well it is mating time for animals so they're out in full force. I know Oklahoma doesn't sound like the boonies but believe me , where I live is. Anyway back to my story. I had cleaned the chix coop out and those coyotes came and ate five birds before I could get them back into the chix house. They have taken down more than one calf before. I have had many people hunt them but we have all these hill with their dens and so far we just get a couple at a time. Well, I locked my indoor dog into the back yard which is fenced plus an electric fence at the top for protection. 3 coyotes came up to the fence looking at my dog, early morning before 10 am. I ran outdoors when one of my cow dogs came a running, the coyotes circled him but when they saw me and my other cow dog 2 of the coyotes ran away but my dogs decided to take care of this 3rd dog. They chased it and chased it and I ran and ran screaming at my dogs to leave it alone. One time they all swam in our creek under a bridge, which I followed then they corned it up by a trailer which is where I got a big stick and beat the thing, all a while it was within a few feet of me looking like it wanted to take me on. It got into a fight with one dog and bloodied it up. Anyway it is too long of a story I finally managed to get my dogs back home and locked them into the back yard, striped my wet clotes off and came down with a bad cold. I guess you could say "I lost it".

Back to reality here, this is not a good week or year in our Country. It is even hard to know what to Pray for except God's Will Be Done. I am preparing some because my husband travels and in case I am a lone here. Also I have set up a communication system for my Girls to get home. It seems so depressing, I should be planting more Blueberry Plants for my U-Pick but haven't, it just doesn't seem important right now. I hope you are all okay.

Blessings from Bountiful

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2003


You guys are going to love this one! We are on a well so the house, garage, barn, etc.. irrigation and all is hooked up to an artisan well. We do have rural water on the property. Our property is rather long so it is about 3/4 to a mile from the house where this meter is. I pay 12 dollars a month for the meter but have never used the water. I keep the meter in hopes that one of my children will build there and they will have water. Anyway....,

When the water bill came this month it was a couple dollars short of $2000.00 for a one month bill. Mind you it is usually 12.00. We were sort of out of our minds. Would you believe that something burst with pressure and dump for 2 weeks all this water on this area of our property (which we never visit). The water company new something was wrong because they couldn't keep their water tower filled and were starting to ration the people. But...didn't think of checking any rural properties to see if there is a broken pipe or something. They obviously found it when they were reading the meters but didn't tell us just turned off the water then. The water had been turned off for 4 years so how it was on is be on us! Went to water board and they cut it in half(the bill) but still that is a disaster. Anyway, it is over sold a few calves and paid it and trying to forget it. Actually, trying to find humor in the whole thing! Mostly thinking of the intelligence of the water company!

Anyway, husband is going out of town again and I have to feed his cattle which is always fun. I think the bull is getting use to me now so I don't have to find a tree to stand behind of everytime I see him now.

Blessing from Bountiful Debbie

-- Anonymous, February 18, 2003

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