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I am interested in finding where I can find obituary listings from S.F. in 1916 Thank You!

-- Cecelia Shoptaw (, February 11, 2003


Well, I can think of one place and that would be old newspapers if they listed obituaries like they do today. Personally, I am going to make it a point not to have mine listed.

-- Harry Murphy (, February 13, 2003.

I've noticed that many of the geneology sites have extracts and/or listings for various years, sorted by state/city -- vitals like marriages, births, obits. You could start with and search related sites.

-- Rosa (, February 15, 2003.

I too am looking for an obituary from the listings in San Francisco. The person that I am looking for is Rosetta Felter or Felder. The year might be around 1950's. She was a musician and played the violin. She was originally from Shreveport, Louisiana. Is there anyone who can give me any info on this? Thanks loads.

Joan Holbert Hubert (

-- Joan Holbert-Hubert (, April 06, 2003.

Here's a good place to start: Death Certificates 101 Grove St San Francisco, CA 94102 Phone: (415) 554-2710

-- Rosa (, April 07, 2003.

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