what was the public's reaction of edgar allan poe's poetry?

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what was the public's reaction to edgar allan poe poetry? why?

what type of poetry did the poet write?

what was the poet's style?

did the poet do any humanitarian work?

who were the poet's friends or cronies?

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2003


Public as opposed to the critically sophisticated, was generally as one might suspect. Memorable, powerful lyric poetry that appealed to a sense of awe and horror though on closer inspection the poems are much more. "The Raven" to Poe's delight and chagrin was seen as a "spooky" poem that captured the public as one of the great American hits of all time. At least it conveys much of the poet's own emotion looking into the mirror darkly. The word music is so memorable that generally parodies quickly and easily followed. Space prohibits answering all the questions. Try www.eapoe.org, links or books listed there. Cronies? That is a bit strong. Henry Hirst was a fellow poet and friend but hardly a crony. Humanitarian work? Barely could help himself or his own. Nor were his friends wealthy. He did help others and had a generous nature. Something about rescuing a kid who was choking and once a friend who was drowning.

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2003

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