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Im sure u guys all like Mj and respect him, i mean i used to like him before 5 years ago when he was the best around, but right now theres a lot of new rappers and better style music who needs hos old school music, u might be pissed when u read this but u must know these few facts about him.... 1- his black tunrend into white...."who would change his skin colour

2- He acts like a lady

3- he got no testicles

4- hes too obbsessed with lil kids "he said that on his interview"

5- who would marry a piece of shit like deppy

and my last point is u guys all know how MJ was the best 4-5 years ago before his "blood on the dace floor" album who fucked everything i personally like his "they dont care about us" and "stranger in mosscow" but the man is too old anyways now he should stay home and take care of his kids dont u agry with me? anyways go check out my site and tell me what u think of it my new site!

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2003


Michael Jackson was a victim of extortion. Pure and Simple. 1. In 1993 Michael Jackson ...[after searching his home and taking several boxes of photographs and videotapes] "A source from the police department told the Los Angeles Times, "There's no medical evidence, no taped evidence...The search warrant didn't result in anything that would support a criminal filing. Fact. 2. It was learned that the boy's father, Evan Chandler, was a Beverly Hills dentist who wished he was a screenwriter. He had recently had a screenplay made into a movie that was based on an idea of his son's. The boy's parents, married in 1974, divorced in 1985 and were both now remarried and were involved in a bitter custody battle for the boy. It was also learned that Chandler was delinquent in his child support payments by $68,400. The boy's mother, who was with the boy on his visits with Michael, first learned of the allegations from police, not from her son or his father, and was completely shocked. She said she had no indication anything untoward was going on. But what doesn't fit in this case is that the boy repeatedly chose to visit Neverland over scheduled visits with his father...Jordy then complained that his father always wanted him to sit in the house and write screenplays, and that his father just wanted money. [Jordy made these statements during an interview with investigator Anthony Pellicano.] It was reported that Chandler asked Michael Jackson to set him up with film projects in the amount of $5 million per year for four years, for a total of $20 million, or he would go public with child abuse allegations. When his offer was refused by Michael Jackson, the father became furious.

3. 'I've seen so many extortion attempts against the Jackson camp and they never turnout to be worth anything.' Taraborrelli told Time magazine that in researching his book on Jackson, 'every damn butler, housekeeper, chauffeur and chef wanted $100,000 for their insights into his private life.

4. The recent outcry by the media/press has been spawned by Gloria Alldren the former laywer of the the chandler boy. ...Gloria Allred, an attorney hired on August 31 to represent the boy, held a press conference on September 2 declaring that, 'my client wants to have his day in court.' Within a few days of her assertion about her client that, 'he is ready, he is willing, he is able to testify. Gloria withdrew from the case and refused to disclose why. I know why; Because Michael Jackson was wrongfully accused.

MJ should fake his death because he'll end up making more money and live a private life of ease. Besides, we all know you can make more money dead than you ever do alive.

-- Anonymous, February 18, 2003

I'm sorry but i TOTALLY dissagree with you for: 1)it was a DISEASE that changed his skin colour that's why he wears hats and masks when he's outside coz his skin is so sensitive to sunlight

2)You never explained what u meant when you said he acted like a lady, but i can take a wild guess and tell he's more of a man than u'll ever be.

3)How would you know if he had testicles or not, i doubt you would know what they looked like.

4)He never once said he was 'obsessed' with children, the guy loves children and would never do anything to harm one.

5)And are you too shallow to see beyond looks the guy married because he loved her, and i can bet that 'piece of shit' is better than u'll ever get.

6)Also i would like to see you when you are 44 and see if you think you are too old to do what you love to do, i would actually be surprised if you last to that age with that attitude to people.

Everyone needs to give the guy a break, he loves his children, he's not a danger to them. Who cares what surgery he's had it's his body and it's terrible that after all he's done for not only the music business but for charities etc. the way you have all treated him, have some respect!

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2003

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