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I asked a question recently that Dale Gloer was kind enough to answer. My problem is I didn't go in-depth enough and now I have more questions.

First here is my system: DB100+ Command Station & Booster DT100 Throttle DT200 Throttle Loy's Toys Battery Saver

Does this system work with the FX3 decoders? Does it support OPS Mode programming? Does it support the most current Advanced Consisting? What do I need to run more than 22 Locos concurrently? What are some reccomended upgrade paths? What do I need to eliminate the battery saver?

Any help would be greatly appreciated... Don

-- Don Noel (dnoel999@msn.com), February 10, 2003


Don, I have not ever had a Big Boy but from reading the documentation I think the following answers are correct.

Support for FX3 decoders. FX3 is a function of the decoder. If you can program the required CVs - they mostly are in the range of 30-70 then you have FX3 support.

OPS mode programming - No.

Advanced consisting - I don't think so. You can set up advanced consisting manually by setting CV19 in each decoder.

More than 22 locos. You need a more advanced command station, a DCS100 or a DCS50 (Zephyr).

Eliminate the battery saver - If you leave batteries in your throttles then you will probably want to keep your battery saver. If you upgrade your system you can use a UP5 panel with the walwart to do the battery saver function.

Upgrade paths - Get a Zephyr. It supports 120 addresses, Ops mode programming, separate program track, connects to the loconet and provides 2.5 amp booster. You can use your DB100 as a booster and your DT100 and DT200 with it. Digitrax offered a conversion kit to convert the DT200 to a DT100. Digitrax just announced the the kit is no longer available but you might be able to find a dealer who has one. Put a UP5 on the loconet and power it to provide your battery saver function.

Hope this helps you.


-- Dale Gloer (dale.gloer@sympatico.ca), February 11, 2003.

I need to correct a statement I made in my previous update.

The Zephyr supports only 10 active locos at a time (not 120 as I said previously).

If you need more than 10 at once, then the best upgrade path that will give you 120 active locos and all the other features you asked about is to purchase a DCS100. You can use your DB100 as a booster and your DT100 and DT200 as throttles.

Note that the restriction of 10 locos (or 22 for other command stations) is for locos that are currently being managed by the command station - that means locos that are selected on throttles. You can have more than 10 decoder equipped locos, you just can't have more than 10 actively running.


-- Dale Gloer (dale.gloer@sympatico.ca), February 11, 2003.

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