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We need to openly discuss the dirty subject of “Homeland Security”.

I’ve read the Homeland Security document and as you know G. W. Bush Jr.’s answer to a Smallpox epidemic is military containment and cremation. I have the watched these policies slowly take shape as we watch Iraq. It is disturbing if not frightening.

Question #1: Why are we being led to believe that a Smallpox vaccination will kill thousands when most of us born before 1972 had a vaccination during early childhood? (As a nurse I’ve had three vaccinations. Cowpox is the active ingredient in the vaccine, not smallpox.)

Question #2: Why would the Government build large crematoriums for “Smallpox victims instead of vaccinating those whom request it? (What happened to the Millions that Bill Clinton gave Great Britain for the Smallpox vaccine)?

Question #3: What will happen to the families and homes that are exposed to this virus when drastic measures such as cremation are needed to assure the containment of this virus?

Question #4: Smallpox is a communicable disease, who would be most affected, those living in the sprawling suburbs, or those living in inner city row homes and schools?

Question #3: While all our able young men from the various arms of service and the National Guard are overseas, who will protect us from the Militia led Police Forces and armed security guards. Which Militia group will be assigned to containing these communities that may or may not have smallpox? Remember that all communication will be cut, no one will be allowed in our out of these contaminated areas. Families will be separated.

Last Question: With no bodies for evidence, who’s to say who had Smallpox and who did not have Smallpox.

I have more to say, but I ask that each Preacher read the Homeland Security Initiatives. We have to openly discuss this urgent issue.

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2003

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