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I found this off of Munroe Motors' website. I'll copy & paste the text and provide the links at the end:

Dear MV Agusta Enthusiast,

I am writing to share with you the attached press release which arrived to Cagiva USA earlier today. Hopefully this news will be as well received by you as it has been by myself and my colleagues here at Cagiva USA. Clearly, there are very exciting things happening in Italy, and we are looking forward to offering the 2003 model year products here in America as soon as possible.

Bear in mind that more specific information regarding the arrival date and choice of 2003 Models in the U.S. will be forthcoming, and I will do my best to pass it along in the most timely manner possible. I look forward to your continued support and enthusiasm, and thank you once again for your ongoing interest in our products.

Please take into consideration that not all models produced by MV Agusta Motor, S.p.A. will be offered in North America - such as the two-stroke 125 cc Cagiva Raptor, and the Suzuki powered Cagiva Models.

Sincerely, Matthew Stutzman Cagiva USA, Inc."


"Press release

MV Agusta starts its engines once more

Varese 28 January 03 Last week Banca Intesa expressed their full support for our business plan, a result that rewards the strength of our brands and the high level of technology and style that distinguish our products.

Today we can finally leave our difficult economic situation behind us which was the cause of our drastic halt in production. We can now look to the future with renewed optimism and begin production of our main models for Cagiva, Husqvarna and MV Agusta in February.

Our target for this year is to produce 24,000 motorcycles divided between our three brands. This goal won't be difficult to achieve due to the introduction of strategic new models for each of the three brands that will finally be able to enter into production. Husqvarna will be able to begin production of the 2003 model range including the sought-after twin cam 4 stroke.

In March we will finally begin producing the MV Agusta Brutale, which is renowned by critics worldwide. During the same month we will begin producing the hyper sport F4 SPR and subsequently the exclusive and commemorative F4 AGO.

Last but not least, Cagiva will offer the Raptor range with the 125cc model and the new version of the XTRA. (Not for import to the USA).

In addition to our relaunch, 2003 is the 100 year anniversary of Husqvarna as well as the 25 year anniversary of Cagiva. To mark this important event, Husqvarna will be producing in limited edition the new 510, tribute to the original 4 stroke motorbike from the 1980s.

These are the main steps in our relaunch plan, a plan which would not have been possible without the support and faith of all our importers and dealers. To all those who have supported us and especially to our customers and fans we would like to express our gratitude and our commitment to fulfill all of their expectations.

Claudio Castiglioni President of MV Agusta"

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-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, February 08, 2003

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