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Michael if you read this....I'm sorry that society has been so cruel to you. I watched the interview last was unfair. You have given the world your music, that is all we should take from you. Your private life is yours live it as you wish, be whatever you want to be. God bless you Michael, forgive them for they know not what they say...Rock on! I may be a Grandmother but I'm a fan none the less...Sandee...

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2003


I agree, he's given the world his wonderful music, now we should let him live his life the way he chooses, even if it means abusing kids. It's a fair deal, we haven't got the right to tell him what to do, after all, he's the king of pop!! ;o)

-- Anonymous, February 24, 2003

You are right Sandee, it is his choice the way he wants to live.If i were him i would live the very same.Even though the interview was unfair it still showed what a wonderful man michael jackson is .ilove him so much. It just comes to show how great he is because you are a granny who loves him and i love him and i am only 15. he's a legand love you millionsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2003

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