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To Martin Bashir, Granada TV Channel 7 ABC 20/20 Barbara Walters Primetime Charles Gibson et al. Michael Jackson

The Ungrateful Martin Bashir, A True Betrayal.

You were not known before last night’s air of “Living with Michael Jackson”. The least you can do is be grateful to the man who gave you your first break to be known worldwide. Last night we saw Michael Jackson, and although he is larger than life yet we saw his humanity, innocence, and tender-heart. What malice lies in your mind? Malice is always in the eyes of the beholder. You’ve taking advantage of Michael Jackson and his humanity. Issues about his face, his children, his relationships with other underprivileged children, and the incident on 1993 – we saw a man who has been through a lot in his lifetime. Yet fate has been good to him, and journalist like yourself is a nincompoop, who’s out to make money at the expense of someone else’s life being destroyed. Can you sleep at night, or have your conscience gone calloused? Is this what they teach you in the School of Journalism? I was under the impression that journalism is being unbiased - reporting only the truth. You are a chameleon. For someone to trust you to open his doors and show his life for 8 months and then turn around to later betray the person, is really some work. Michael Jackson shows innocence, kindness, love, and … yet you show him as an evil and perverted person. Maybe you are showing yourself and the rest of the media because that is in your mind and you want the rest of the world to have the same mindset. Is it really necessary to destroy someone else’ image just so you can entertain people? I believe that there are enough bad news and chaos in this global earth that we live in and we need to report more positive regarding our fellow citizens because bad news reaps bad citizens and good news reaps good citizens. Have you not considered the world around you? Tabloids and News on TV report nothing else but murders on the street, evil people with evil intents all around, I strongly believe that the media contributed a lot with this evil world that we live in and we all suffer the consequences because we have to live in this world together. My husband and I choose to know the person of Michael Jackson as a loving, kind-hearted, innocent person who loves children because of their innocence. It’s no wonder he does not want to hang out with people of his own age – it is due to people like you with ulterior motives. A child on the other hand, has a pure heart with no ulterior motives in mind, including for the one during the 1993 incident it involves black mail, and some people are just plain suckers. Real friendship comes when you are a child and since Michael’s childhood experience has been ripped from him, he chooses to experience friendship with his children and other underprivileged children now in his latter years, yet people like you destroyed this experience. People are entitled to choose whatever lifestyle they so desire and you should have been more sensitive, he trusted you and you betrayed him, for money, for fame or whatever you get out it. Is it worth living with? I don’t think we should be too quick to judge others. You tried to dig some skeletons on the person of Michael Jackson yet found nothing therefore the only thing you can do is try to destroy the image of Michael Jackson in your report last night, yet as the world knows Michael Jackson since his childhood with the beautiful music that he has contributed to this world, we should be looking at him as a good role model. You might as well consider yourself under the category of tabloid writers because you have not reported the unbiased truth about Michael Jackson. To claim him as a perverted person is clearly not true. You have reported last night that the man Michael Jackson has difficulties with sex or thoughts of sexual intimacies with women, growing up seeing his brothers’ actions with other woman, and then accuse him of sexual relationships with young boys – this is an illogical conclusion. You say he is irresponsible to his children, but it was cleared out to you that the only way he will show his children on the air is through the use of masks or veils – you are not being true to your word and reporting because you know his strong stand on protecting his children’s identity from the start. As with regards to his “fading popularity” – I don’t think so. If there is one fading popularity – it is not his – it’s yours. Nipped at the bud. We don’t measure popularity by his albums that was sold but by the mere fact that the whole world knows him. We all agree that indeed “Michael Jackson is still larger than life” otherwise you would not have featured him last night and as the result you “Martin Bashir” were known. But before last night’s feature you were completely unknown, should you not be more kind to Michael Jackson?

Sincerely Yours, La Donna Galang CEO Third Millennium Projects, Inc.

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2003


Micheal is a caring, senstive and compassionate human being. These attributes are not present in many people and this is why many people misunderstand him. He genuinely does care about humanity - which he has shown through all of his charitable work, going so far as to open his home to others. Other stars would prefer to have no one in a 10 mile radius within their property. This is the reality of his kindness. His skin has changed color due to the skin disease Vintilago and yet people still assert that he creamed himself white. Wake up, leave well enough alone, and take a chill pill. The media (TV/mags/radio) is all lies and a money-making machine!

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2003

Poor Michael Jackson. He had a terrible childhood. I've got an idea, let's let him f--k all the nubile little boys he likes, thus destroying their own childhood. That'll make him feel better. Nothing like indulging in a little paedophilia to chase the childhood demons away.

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2003

Michael Jackson was a victim of extortion. Pure and Simple. 1. In 1993 Michael Jackson ...[after searching his home and taking several boxes of photographs and videotapes] "A source from the police department told the Los Angeles Times, "There's no medical evidence, no taped evidence...The search warrant didn't result in anything that would support a criminal filing. Fact. 2. It was learned that the boy's father, Evan Chandler, was a Beverly Hills dentist who wished he was a screenwriter. He had recently had a screenplay made into a movie that was based on an idea of his son's. The boy's parents, married in 1974, divorced in 1985 and were both now remarried and were involved in a bitter custody battle for the boy. It was also learned that Chandler was delinquent in his child support payments by $68,400. The boy's mother, who was with the boy on his visits with Michael, first learned of the allegations from police, not from her son or his father, and was completely shocked. She said she had no indication anything untoward was going on. But what doesn't fit in this case is that the boy repeatedly chose to visit Neverland over scheduled visits with his father...Jordy then complained that his father always wanted him to sit in the house and write screenplays, and that his father just wanted money. [Jordy made these statements during an interview with investigator Anthony Pellicano.] It was reported that Chandler asked Michael Jackson to set him up with film projects in the amount of $5 million per year for four years, for a total of $20 million, or he would go public with child abuse allegations. When his offer was refused by Michael Jackson, the father became furious.

3. 'I've seen so many extortion attempts against the Jackson camp and they never turnout to be worth anything.' Taraborrelli told Time magazine that in researching his book on Jackson, 'every damn butler, housekeeper, chauffeur and chef wanted $100,000 for their insights into his private life.

4. The recent outcry by the media/press has been spawned by Gloria Alldren the former laywer of the the chandler boy. ...Gloria Allred, an attorney hired on August 31 to represent the boy, held a press conference on September 2 declaring that, 'my client wants to have his day in court.' Within a few days of her assertion about her client that, 'he is ready, he is willing, he is able to testify. Gloria withdrew from the case and refused to disclose why. I know why; Because Michael Jackson was wrongfully accused.

MJ should fake his death because he'll end up making more money and live a private life of ease. Besides, we all know you can make more money dead than you ever do alive.


-- Anonymous, February 18, 2003

100% true, shame on you Bashir, you make the media worse, just to make a buck or two you twisted words around!

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2003


I’m not Michael Jackson’s Fan, but Jackson is Jackson, every one wants to hear his story. I thought well ‘ Martin Bashir’ is a British Journalist; he must be open minded, unbiased, not at all cold and calculating. I thought Bashir would have the clean British, simple honesty, I mean Jackson did trust Bashir did he not? Jackson invited Bashir for 8 months to live with him and travel with him. I’m sure Jackson thought ‘maybe just maybe I will find someone who will hear me out, understand me without bias just this once’. Little did Jackson know that Bashir is as evil as all the paparazzi, and that Bashir will do anything to make a buck, make a best selling story or get whatever highest honor journalists get by making other human beings bleed and even causing their death. [They killed princess Diana] Bashir knew in the end he would be the one to assassinate the little that was left of Jackson’s character completely. He has done the Job so thoroughly well, that it leaves me so cold, so utterly cold. Has every one forgotten that Jackson is very human, and yes whether wacko or not he bleeds too? Even the woman I respected so much ‘Barbara Walters’ was so utterly biased in her comments, it made me so sad and I lost every little hope that I had in humanity. I wonder what has Jackson done that his own countrymen must hate him so much and want to do anything to make sure that he is destroyed? I have listened to all the reactions from shrinks, lawyers, talk show hosts, other journalists and ordinary people [since Thursday 2/6/03 in the US,] everyone is of the same sentiments; that Jackson is completely mentally sick! Why is Jackson mentally sick? Because he covers his children’s faces when in public? Or because he has plastic surgery? Or because he now has a white complexion? or is it because he allows children to sleep in his bedroom? Seriously what is wrong with children sleeping with an adult in the same room? The answer people depends which part of the world you come from! In some parts it is all right and in most parts of the world people are not obsessed with sex. But in these parts it is a crime for an adult to share his bedroom with children that are not his relatives, simply because most people that are pointing fingers at Jackson, they themselves are sick. They are the ones with latent tendencies to molest children. They are judging Jackson by their own standards. And this is where humanity has committed a grievous error- Judging others by one’s standards. Judging others by one’s own standards is always disastrous, ether in a good way or bad way. For example if am an honest and trust worthy person, chances are I will judge others by my values and principles, and in most cases I will end up betrayed and hurt, because most people are not honest and trust worthy , but most are shallow, fickle and petty. Vice versa if I’m dishonest and a lair then I will always be suspicious of every one and in the end I will loose a lot of friends, colleagues and will not just be successful with human relationships i always cause havoc. Jackson am afraid has been a victim of severe case of the above, Jealous, envy and human evilness. Jackson maybe weird, too strange for comfort even, but he is harmless, and we all know it, but the evil that is in us humans will not let him be. We love to destroy, and Jackson, people is the ‘ultimate entertainer.’ No one has ever been like him, and no one will ever be like him, not for a long time to come. This for a lot of people is too painful to live with. And so humanity’s answer is to destroy what is different, strange and all that it cannot have. Jackson has not done anything that no one has done not before. How many people have had plastic surgeries? How many people have children from surrogate mothers, (God forbid! even sperms banks!], how many people have bleached their skins, and how many more want to be black and spend thousands of dollars to have brown skin? How many people have really abused their own children, how many people want to live forever? But if Jackson says or does something then it is wrong, he is sick? People lets us be real it’s not like he has had a sex change! Even transsexuals, homosexuals and lesbians are now considered normal and are respected. We are talking about men that have sex with other men, in the most unnatural way possible. We are talking about men who are so convinced they were born in a wrong body that they feel they need to change their sex to become women. Yet these people we have accepted as normal. What hypocrites we are as humans. We destroy all we cannot understand and all that is different we loathe. Jackson is not a bad person, he is not a womanizer, he does not do drugs, he does not abuse alcohol, people what more do we want? If Jackson does not like sex so what! There is no law, which says all men need to like and enjoy sex. Jackson has done a lot for children instead of appreciating all he does for children; people use it to attack him. Americans love heroes that are self-destructive. Look at the American Heroes; movie stars, athletes etc, they most always, have a history of self-destruction, lucky if they pick themselves up! But here is a man who tries not to fall into the sickening pattern, which is now like the norm, - Talent- fame-money-self-destruction- death or rebuilding self. Elvis Presley died of drug over dose; he is still a hero, a king that will live forever! Marilyn Monroe! Remind me, what did she do? And Movie stars are heroes too! Please! Almost all of them do not even do their own stunts, where is the heroism? Adults are cunning, selfish and conniving [look at Bashir] do you blame Jackson for choosing to hang out with children? In case most of you have forgotten children are sincere, kind, trust worthy and will not betray you as long as you are kind and love them. Unlike most of the people out there, not every one views children as sexual objects. It really matters how you were brought up, which society and region you are from. Sleeping in the same room in some with children in some region , is nothing no big deal, because in other regions of the world sex is not the center most thing. Michael Jackson is a good parent! How many rich people have let nannies bring up their children while they are too busy building empires and careers. How many Film stars take their children on Location? When Jackson takes his children wherever he is going then he is sick or wrong? The paparazzi killed Princess Diana, and still they stalk her children. Do you blame Michael Jackson for hiding his children’s faces? A man has to do what he needs to do to protect his children. After all it is the same world and paparazzi that has assassinated his character and doing their best to destroy all he has. If we were given a chance to come to all the homes of all the people who point fingers at Jackson for being a bad parent, we will be shocked at what we will find. For what happens in these people’s homes is stranger than fiction. Jackson has the guts to say what he wants and makes his dreams come true. Most of us are cowards hiding behind powerful names, fame, money drugs and alcohol. Jackson says he wants to live for ever, every one feigns shock! Be real, how many of you, rush to the hospital when we are ill? How many of us want to die at 30, 40, 50 60, 70 or 80? Not one at all. Many of you have elderly parents, family members that are so old, but when they are ill, you refuse to let them die in peace, and instead let them suffer for so long on Ventilators and artificial respirators! The nursing homes are living proof that we all hold on to dear life. Jackson has not committed a crime to anyone, the only crime he has committed is being that talented, choosing and daring to be different. He has broken all the rules from being black to be the man that he is now. Sick is not what Jackson has done. Sick is when police kills young black men all the time and always the police have a good reason for killing them. Sick is when they test the effects of Syphilis on a black community. Sick is when the police kill a young immigrant with 41 bullets and its still not murder. Sick is when lots of young innocent black men are convicted for crimes they never committed. Sick is when Bush wants to declare war on Iraq and he forgets that Iraq has women and children who will be the main casualties and most likely Saddam Hussein will not even be injured. Sick is when even in this day and age there is still ugly racism in the US, and people still want to clean the terrorism out side, when here at home things are still so ugly. Sick is when as a black man you cannot get a Taxi in Manhattan. Sick is when one race thinks it is more superior than another race and yet lets the inferior race raise its children. Sick now is when priests sexually molest children, now there is sick. It is so amazing that people like Bashir, Barbara Walters and others can doubt Jackson’s sanity, when they have not lifted a finger to try and make America a free country and safe haven for all. With so much power as journalists, imagine how much change they would bring by rectifying some of the few sicknesses I have mentioned above through the media. Imagine if they dedicated the same amount of time and effort in trying to make America really a beautiful place, where police will not stop a black or brown person for driving an expensive car. But instead they waste their journalism talents into trying to destroy one innocent man, because he loves children much more than most of them, and in a most selfless way that most of them will never ever love their own children. Jackson had a very sad childhood; do you think Bashir and other people will have compassion for him? No! They are determined to make sure that Jackson leads a miserable life, and if they had their way, they would like him to die penniless. Barbara Walters was busy refuting the fact that Jackson may have over a billion dollars. She said her sources thought it was just like three to four hundred thousand million Dollars. Why would she even bother to refute Jackson’s claims, what is it to her? Can you imagine the evilness and malice of these people? Jackson’s pain and heartbreak is their bread and butter. It buys their expensive clothes, jewels and their other luxuries. And yet still they manage to sleep at night. Well Bashir, surprise, surprise, Michael Jackson is a true human being with red blood in his veins, and he bleeds too, and right now he is hurting, so much more than you will ever begin to guess. I don not know who is sick Jackson or Bashir? Bashir who conscience clear has betrayed another human so thoroughly, and hurt another human being so deeply without a blink of an eye? For me to think that another human can be that heartless just for the sake of making a great story and go on the record as the journalist that destroyed another life? Is the greatest form of mental sickness and yes a man like Bashir is to be feared. Michael Jackson is human too. People please never forget that, give him a break.

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2003

that was a really lovely thing you said about michael and is all true.i am from Scotland so i got to see the interview last monday and i couldn't believe what i saw written on the papers the next day and everday since i am completely angry with the comments wrote by the media.I am only 15 and if i were invited to to go neverland to meet michael i would go without any doubt because i know what a great person he is .If there were only more people like him in this world, it would be a better place. Martin Bashir should take a long look at the "man in ther mirror" to descover who he really is.

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2003

I have no idea what Martin Bashir hoped to accomplish with last nights interview of Michael Jackson, but I can't help to think that he already had an ulterior motive set up, beforehand, in his mind. Otherwise, he could not have possibly heard the things he claimed to hear from Michael, nor could he have intentionally "twisted" things Michael said (or didn't say) and have them come out exactly as he wanted them to. I think he wanted to be the one everyone focused on, the one who got to follow Michael around for 8 months, the one who got the interview. Well, he betrayed Michael. I admit, I might have had my doubts about all that I had read and head about Michael Jackson and his life, but after seeing last night's interview, I have completely changed my mind about him. I have nothing but the utmost respect and love for the man now. In fact, I have sympathy for Michael, great sympathy. I can relate to not having a childhood.I am 44 years old and would love to live at Neverland.Michael never said he slept in the same "bed" with that other boy. He said he offered him his "bedroom", as would be the proper thing to do when guests (especially small children) are staying overnight. Why is everyone so quick to judge? Michael is right, we need more Love and effection in this world, especially the children who are growing up today! I saw Michael as a proud, caring Father who because of his abnormal childhood (or lack of one) might not have liked what he saw when he looked in the mirrow. So what? He makes enough money to alter his appearance if he wants to, since when should that be any of our business? He isn't hurting any of us. He is helping children, the underprivilidged are invited yearly to Neverland Ranch at his expense. He contributes generously to numerous charities, which he doesn't HAVE to do, he does because he "wants" to. I see Michael as a soft spoken kind, loving caring person who is rather shy. Its no wonder Michael doesn't give many interviews,just look at what Martin Bashir has stabbed him in the back with this time!

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2003

Well said 100%

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2003

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