if mr bush.thought like michael we would not be on the brink of war

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Hi i have seen the itv program.and can not belive how things have been twisted by the press.i am 32 and look at what go,s on in the world and think why as the world gone on over drive.becouse of some remarks.sorry michael but you do lead your life in a strange way to most of us but that is up to you.The uk were i come from needs to worry about the little kids in this country like the 2 in resent years who were torcherd and killed because the child welfear were to scard to do anything about it.not worry becouse there is some kind person who wants to help kids in need and as for the lawyer in the u.s who is so conserned about things,i wonder if her life is pure and white. It would be better if she invested her time on some of the child welfare cases for pore kids that would not put her on the world news.i think ther is nothing more terrable than child abuse and allthough it is strange to here a 44 year old man let a 13 year old boy sleep in his room it dus sound a bad .But wene it is worded difrent. Like the little boy who (was)dieing (asked)can i sleep in your room. so to make him happy you say yes and insist he sleep in the bed on his (own).wile you are on the floor.and did (not) get in the bed with the boy.I wish i could do that and give some HAPPYNES to a dieing child.as i would do it every night .but that would be ok as i am a noboddy and i am a women so that makes it ok.I dont no if you will even see this michael but if you do. do what mr bush and mr blair are doing do what (you think is rite) thay what to go to war and 95% of the world thinks it is wrong but thay dont lissen to what the people say and nether should you and if you make people happy. you are a better person than them.CHIN UP AND I HOPE YOU MAKE LOT MORE KIDS IN THE WORLD HAPPY. P.S i dont blame you for covering your kids faces up .verry good thinking.and from my experience in life the pepole that allways crittersize other pepole how thay bring up ther kids usually have kids thay cant control and are off the rales. wish you all the best for you and your kids and if you ever come to Exeter football club againe let me no as i live nere ther in a place called wellington KIND REGAREDS SALLY WOODBURY .X

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2003


You know what, I believe it's a good thing a woman stay's in the home. Because only a woman for one thing would compare Jackson whose nose is rotting off from too many operations. Which was all quite silly in the first place. To George Bush a man whose father is under indictment by the world court since 1994 for mass destruction of women and children and whose companies and others he owns shares in profits today from those in power to the rate of one Billion dollars per day.And at least 2 million lives dead and not to mention the masses of others maimed and or mentally affected for this crusade of the king and his heirs of England to profit right along with those of their cousins the Bushs. They both have Boleyn Blood in them.If nobody has fiqured out that about 80 percent of this Presidents have also come from this same family and hence its a family tradition to pass on the Presidency. Just as cousin Bill Clinton did and Bushes Daddie before him. But nobody wants to know this nor of all of their royal african blood of alexandros de medici a man they called the duke of florence and either the son of the pope or the nephew his and princess margaritas children wasnt bastards as they now try to say he didnt have children by her but in france where i attended school for three years said different they said the three children of this couple went on to rule the rule descendants married into every royal family in europe. and so when the boleyns came to america they as soon as the married randolphs whome was also cousins to the kings of england and african descendants of this alexandros de medici the duke of florence and of princess margarita of the prussian empire and the holy roman emporer. this half african moor bastard son or nephew of pope clements the vii is in the royal family thruough four different ancestors the mountbattens and the queen elizabeth daughter of queen isabella of spain whom was a great granddaughter of this couple alexandros and his wife margarita. the children of alexandras were not bastards like he was nor was she a bastard of the emporer as folks now try to say when i bring this up the fact is almost every us president weve ever had can be traced back to these randolphs and their cousins the boleyns including abe lincoln. which is another lie they tell about his unknown ancestors he being born of five straight in a row bastard generations which goes back to james boleyn (bolling) of 1757 courts records of granville co nc. which leaves no doubt whome he was annie stith the same one bush is from. what i believe has happend is they split the boleyn family into two pieces one is the unknowns and they hand the presidency off to these unknowns the randolph and the bullen/boleyn or bolling family in america along with their randolph cousins represented the king of england and his heirs as their judges and their attorney's and there tax collectors in effect their called them the crown agents you mite look this term up crown agents being around today and a semi formal part of the english govt whome represent the king and his heirs oddly they play roles in those formal nations such as money making and doing things these nations cant do. oddly our own federal reserve note in rich for ever us dollar printed we owe these unknown bankers ie the king and his heirs a dollar and six cents back. so in effect these descendants of the randolphs and the bullen/boleyns whome claim to be bollings to hide this african descent by claiming pocahontas. and their royal connection to the kings and their heirs. are in their capacity as presidents the crown agents of america acting in the kings heirs best interests. and still his rulers in america representing his demands upon the people of the united states. go figure then we won the battle but lost then the war a term ive heard before about america in vietnam we in effect are taxed to death and our our youth are dying for free all in the interest of the british govt. aND IT DONT COST THEM A STINKING DIME. SO THEY CONTINUE ON AND WE WORRY ONLY ABOUT GIVING SILLY WOMAN A PLACE TO SCRAW ON A BOARD ABOUT A PEDIOPHILE.WHICH IF YOU READ REVELATIONS IS WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN IN THE END. ALONG WITH THE FLU SHOTS THEY GIVE US TO DIE. AND THE PLANES FLYING ABOUT FULL OF BBE AN OUTLAWED INSECT KILLER THEY NOW ADD AS A FUEL ADDITIVE REDUCING THE COSTS OF THE FUEL THEY FLY SO WHILE THEY ARE SEEDING THE CLOUDS TO MAKE IT RAIN THEY ARE KILLING US AT THE SAME TIME WITH THIS JET FUEL ADDITIVE. HUNDRED HAVE DIED SINCE IT BEGAN IN 1997. ANY THE WOMEN DONT CARE THEY COOPERATE AND KILL THEIR BABIES IN ABORTIONS AND GATHER AROUND TO SPEAK OF MICHAEL LIKE HE WAS A GOD OR SOMETHING INSTEAD OF THE IDOT WITH A ROTTED NOSE WHOM SEEMS TO LIKE CHILDREN FOR PLEASURES OTHER THAN NATURE HONESTLY INTENDED.PERHAPS ITS ALSO FITTING THEN IT TOOK ME A PROBABLE DESCENDANT OF THIS SAME ALESSANDRO DE MEDICI TO POSIONED BY ONE OF THESE HUNDREDS OF AIR SEEDINGS AND POISIONED BY THIS BUG SPRAY IN THE FUEL TO FIQURE IT OUT ITS LEFT ME A CRIPPLE WHO CAN HARDLY BREATH. I USED TO WONDER WHY THEM PLANES WAS LEAVING THEM PRETTY TRAILS IN THE SKY SCARING MY COWS HALF TO DEATH WHEN THEY STARTED DYING AND LATER ME RECOVERING FROM AN OPERATION ALREADY CAME DOWN WITH THE SAME SHIT ONLY THEN DID I FIND OUT THE TRUTH WHEN I CAME OUT OF THE COMA OF SEVEN DAYS AND COULDNT WORK ANYMORE TOLD I HAD A FIFTY FIFTY CHANCE OF LIVING SIX MONTHS WELL THE LAST THREE YEARS IVE LIVED ONLY TO FIND OUT THE REAL THRUTH ABOUT THESE BOLEYNS AND THE FACT THEY ARE AFRICAN DESCENDANTS OF ALEXANDRO DE MEDICI AND COUSINS OF THE KINGS AND QUEENS OF ENGLAND AND LIKE THEM AFRICAN TOO THRU THIS RANDOLPH FAMILY.AND FURTHER ALMOST ALL THE PRESIDENTS AMERICA EVER HAD AFRICAN DESCENDANTS TOO.

-- Anonymous, July 19, 2003

she's right you know besides Michael Jackson can't be president because he doesn't know how to handle things' he cannot even handle his own problems also i don't think he deserve's to be president in our country no one can replace George W Bush i think his doing a pretty good jub if it wasn't for him America will not become a popular country Buse even sent his soldiers to other countries because he wanted to help his the best president ever and no one can ever replace him specialy that freak and also his a molester do you think he deserves to be president of the united states no of course not do you all think the voters will vote that guy NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!! only an idiot will vote for him he doesn't deserve it maybe someday there gonna replace Bush but there not gonna replace him with Michael and also why do you say it's not bad when Michael Jackson let that 13 year old boy sleep in his bed GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he wanted to have sex with the poor boy i know his already having a hard time well he deserves it how did you come up with such a stupid idea do you want to know why i say its a bad idea because his a child molester loves to have sex with young boys and his not a normal person too you get me

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2003

for a start...u cannot spell, so i found it very hard to read ur opinions...a point that must be made is that if jackson took the place of Bush or Blair..we would be living like kids forever...the economy would be in a sate of crisis throughout the world (jackson is $200million in debt),all the tax payers money would go on the most powerful paedophile in the world maintaining his funfair to lure the kids throughout the world to him...and finally we would probably all have faces like the grinch...so please do not give jackson anymore power..he has quite enough already!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2003

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