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Hi Michael, please except my sincere offer of friendship to you.We have much in common and the only thing that I would want from you is conversation ( not to be shared with anyone).

We live in scary times and our world has become so cynical that no one seems to recognise someone with purity of heart.Instead of getting a hug from you, I'd like to give you a hug. And anytime you want a friend, you got it. I also find myself up late at night. I do my best thinking when the rest of the world is asleep, so don't be shy about calling at a strange hour.I'm sure you can find a way to call me if you choose to.

I know you are busy, and I'm sure you will be bombarded and hounded in the wake of the interview broadcast , and I understand that you may never read this and you might never respond.I would much rather have this conversation with you in private, but since that may never happen,I will say what is on my mind here.

Since I was young, when I've prayed for help, the answer that I've always gotten is, "there is none who will hold with you against theese forces, except Michael, your prince".That may mean the arch angel Michael, the prince of peace,but I can't help but wonder if it is a real person , and if that person could be you and/or your son...?

Michael,do you think there is anyway that you can stop the wars? I understand that that is a huge thing to ask and to consider. My heart breaks as I watch helplessly people with power talk of killing in order to stop the killing. To me , it is a no brainer. Violence is never the answer.Many will die as a result of this foolishness and I am powerless.I know you are all about the children, and for their sake you would do anything in your power.I don't have a clue how you would even go about finding out if you can help.Please just try.

Right now the world seems to be focused on two things, the pending war and your interview.Since you have the worlds attention, maybe you can make a difference. It's just a thought.

Sincerly, Erin Leigh Pauley

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2003

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