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Dear Michael,

I have been a fan of yours from the beginning. We are the same age. I am very upset that you were treated so shabbily in the 20/20 interview. I looked forward to watching the interview and was angry to watch and listen to reporters with such obviously biased opinions. I always thought that professional journalists reported the news in a way that allowed you to form your own opinions. This was obviously NOT the case with your interview. I have also been a huge fan of Barbara Walters. I intend to write her an email as well. How disappointing to watch a respected journalist report such trash in order to contribute to hype and increased ratings. I hope you are aware that there are many people that feel as I do and you are very loved and also have the respect of many people. I thought you conducted yourself in an honest and forthright manner. Each of us are individuals and we are all very different from one another. Your love for mankind is very admirable and I hope you know that many of us are grateful to have had the priviledge to have a glimpse into your private life. The only thing appalling about this interview was listening to the reporters and the negative comments that were continuosly made.

Take care, Debby

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2003


dearest micheal..

i just saw the 20/20 interview. i didnt even know it was coming on, but my mother and i watched it together. ive always loved your music and talent. but beyond that, ive always loved your love for people and the children of this world. i was excited to know that an interview that would show the real you would be coming on. that finally the world would see that you are just a person. a genuinely sweet and loving person, and that martin bashir would help to revive your slain character from the tabloid garbage. and the interview was that in the beginning. but after he (martin) compleatly made a turn around. saying that he was fearful and thinks you are bazar. it is so obvious that ignorant people will never understand innocence and love. that is what you are micheal. you are such a beautiful soul and it breaks my heart that people would treat you this way. i know you would never hurt a child. you would hurt yourself first. please know that everyone doesnt see you as a monster.

i love you very much. beyond the fame and image. the world needs more people like you.

may God bless you always.


-- Anonymous, February 07, 2003

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