When will WE grow up?

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Michael Jackson "King of Pop". A lot of us grew up with his music, I did. I respect him as a performer, musician, humanitarian- why can't we all?

Just because he is in the public eye does NOT give us the right to scrutinize him. He is a human being with feelings and the desire to give us his music and talent.

Who cares if he had plastic surgery? how many people today are walking around with new noses - or - breasts? Do we have them under a microscope? How many children today are physically abused, emotionally abused, kidnapped, killed? Michaels ways may seem unorthodox to many--but he's the good guy, can't we remember that? Can't we go on with or own lives, or are our lives so pitiful that we have to kick someone to the curb to feel better about ourselves.

And yes! Michael should feel betrayed about the interview. He went into it with good faith--and he was shown that we were only looking for a freak show--we should be ashamed and disgusted with our selves

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2003


LISTEN, there is no child in dangerwhile they are with michael jackson infact they are proberly safer than they ever have been in there life.

when you say that if a child is in danger then the "public" should help , DO NOT BE SUCH A HYPOCRITE (spelling) that is one thing this world doesn't do is help children in danger because they turn a blind eye to it.

eg there are advertisements all the time on T.V where children are dyeing of hunger and diseases and are asking the "public" to help but oh no it only the minority in this world that do help excpecially michael jackson!

I bet you are one of the people in this world that will turn a blind eye to that kind of thing and then have the cheak to say there's a kind,carring and loving man out there who is putting children at danger.GET A GRIP!

IF you are going top say something say the truth.

love you 4ever michael nicole xxxxxxxxxxx

P.S your kindness isn't going unnoticed by the carring "Public"

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2003

you are a moron

if a child is in danger the public has every right to scutinize him.

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2003

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