I understand everything you said to that Martin Boshear guy!

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Dear Michael, After I heard everything you say...I understood it all! The world has gotton sooo corrupt and so when you sleep with your friends(younger friends, they take it sexual! That's sooo stupid! I'm 12 yrs. old and will turn 13 on April 7 2003. You seem like a really cool guy! And I don't think that it is inapropriate at all! I sleep over my friends house and there is no prob. with that.Is there? So what's wrong with it if a guy like yourself, did the same thing? There's no difference!!! The world is so corrupt that when they see love, they take it to be sexual. That's not your prob. at all! That means they have a big perversion prob.!!! My name is Stephen Berger, and you are awsome, everything that the press has pushed against you, after that show when they inter veiwed you on 20/20 it proved to america that everything you have done is only for the best...It shows that Martin has a problem! He should see love for what it is, not what it looks like. The press does that cause they have to have a story, it isn't to be against you...But I dont like them them anyways...They turn everything good to look bad...I danced in the talent show at my school to "Billy Jean" and now every one likes me alot! Especially the girls.LOL! They acll me mini michael cause I'm only like 4'11"I don't care though. I would have no prob. stayin the night at yo' house! That would be sweet(awesome)!!! Maybe I'll see you sometime...It would be nice but there are probably 1,000,000,000,000 more fans out there, so you wouldn't have time for me. Well bye write back if you want...Probably not though...

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2003


whats that suppose to mean its Bashir not Boshear,

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2003

do you have blonde hair?

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2003

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