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Hi gurus,

I am new to this field of creating vcd. I used pinnacle studio 7 SE to capture video from my camcorder. I was able to edit my capture videos and save it as a file *.stu. Howver, when I try to convert it to an mpeg file using the default vcd settings , somehow in the middle of the conversion process it stops and could not finished converting the files. I'll try to delete the portion of the edited video where the process stops but it seems the problem is still there. Was there any alternative way of doing this or was there a problem with my software? I have 4G space in my HDD and 128 RAM.Pls help.

-- Alain Gillera (, February 06, 2003


something tells me you ran out of hard drive space

-- cb (, February 06, 2003.

Hi Sparky,

Thanks for ur reply. I have tried last night deleting my captured avi file (~ 4GB of file) and then try to captured again but this time I put into a 500MB limit of captured file and it works. I did this because I read in the forum that in a FAT32 harddisk 4GB of avi file would be a problem unless you will change it to NFS.

-- Alain Gillera (, February 06, 2003.

You probably ran across a known problem in Studio. Studio is not correctly cutting frames upon scene detection. If you have the problem that making mpeg freezes and though you can press the cancel button you probably deal with this issue.

Possible solutions (workarounds) 1. (which worked for me). a. Open the project and copy for example the first 5 minutes. b. paste them into a newly created project and save this. c. eventually test the generating of mpeg in between to see if it passes the troublepoint. c. Reopen original again and take the next portion. d. Repeat steps b until complete project is copied

If at step c the problem appears check this portion to see if: a. first frame of scene might be corrupt (cut and delete that frame) according most posts in Pinnacle forum these happen at transitions (Not in my case as far as I noticed) b. Perhaps hidden scene c. Check timeline to see if unlogical time sequence present.

I think you need to be at the Pinnacle forum for this.

-- Peter (, February 09, 2003.

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