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I am using an Empire Builder with a DT 400 and I'm in N scale. Everything seems to running well but I noticed something and I'm not sure if it's anything to worry about. Here goes. 1) When I unplug from the loco net and then plug in to my other loco net connector, which is connected with a 25 foot long telephone cord type wire (6 wire) boght at Radio Shack, the voltage seems to drop. The DT 400 will give a quick voltage readout right after you plug in. When I plug in right at the power station which has a 2 or 3 foot cord to the power station,I also get a voltagr drop, but not as much. When I plug into the UP5 that is 25 feet away I get a big voltage drop. Is this normal? 2) Also when I'm plugged in to that one that's 25 feet away, sometimes I loose control of my loco for a few seconds. The power seems to kick in and out. I am not sure if this is just with some locos or all of them. Anyone know whats going on here? My layout is an around the wall horseshoe shape. Each side of the horseshoe is about 20 feet and the power station is in the middle.

-- Dick Forgione (dick_forgione@naps.nandover.mec.edu), February 05, 2003


Not sure what to suggest about 1) and the voltage drop but I can suggest something for 2). Power feeders and large gauge bus! I have the Empire Builder with the Digitrax power supply. My layout is much smaller (picture to 4 X 8 tables in an L shape for an over all length of 12 feet. If you are not doing the power district thing with a PM42, then run fairly heavy gauge wire bus (12 gauge) along the full length of your horseshoe (I envision about 50 feet worth from your description). Connect your Empire Builder at the halfway point so there is about 25 feet to the left and right of the EB booster. Next, using 18 gauge wire (20 gauge can be closer to the booster itself) drop *feeders* to the 12 gauge bus at a minimum of 3 locations each about 5 to 6 feet apart. That should help with the runaways.

Ideally and, if you can afford it, get an additional booster.

I use a DT300 throttle and I have a UP3 about 7 feet away. There is a little voltage drop (10.5 - 11) but I run just fine. At about 2 feet from the booster, the power voltage is typically 12.9.

-- Doug Fraser (dfraser1951@rogers.com), February 09, 2003.

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