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some people in the past would have say about people who care about the innocent(CHILDREN) and the weak are as close to God as you can get,those people know that whenever there are people close to GOD there will be always people thinking that there must be something wrong with THE PERSON. DON'T BE AFRAID let love rule without questions...............!

-- Anonymous, February 05, 2003


I have a different answer my goal my destiny and my purpose in life have been revealed to me. It all happened last month when i was asleep, I was in bed and I had a dream. I dreamed that an angel came down through my dream and told me that i was some one really special, at first I thought I was crazy and hearing things but. It was proven to me that i was indeed the special one or chosen one. I was told why many people loved me so much why I know so much and why me. I was born in Mexico january 6 1986 in this same year there was a great earthquake in Mexico city, this was not a koisedance some one new that i was going to be born and they tried to stop me. I also know lots of other stuff , one of the most important things that i currently know is the cure for aids, and if you want to find out more than call me at (360) 802-4420 I will be home all day. Oh and my Nick name MEMO means message. Message for everyone .

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2003

and this was not even a writing from a tru MJ fan just somebody who love to love.

-- Anonymous, February 05, 2003

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