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Hi there,

For a few month i create VCD's, but a couple weeks ago TMPEG have a new version of TMPEG. After that time, i haven't generate one good (S)VCD. I want a movie based on SVCD with a high bitrate and fullscreen.

Before i chose the option "full screen" , after encoding i burn the vcd with Nero. No problem at all. With the new version i do the same things, but Nero said i isn't a good SVCD file. After burning the disk en watch in de DVD player, the player saw a VCD but doens't play the movie.

The base movie is 25 fps with dutch subtitle, 640x272. After encoding an SVCD the movie is 480x576, 2000 CBR. I saw it's a good PAL resolution, but said it's a bad movie stream.

So i want a PAL SVCD, which can be seen on a 4:3 TV. The movie must contain a high bitrate (like 2000). Can anyone help me?

-- Walter (, February 05, 2003


A simple demux/remux using a SVCD template should fix your problem. Just FYI, Nero's compliance check is pretty useless. It will pass SVCD video as being compliant that technically is not. It will fail video that technically is compliant. It basically just checks the nominal bit rate and if that is < 2600 Kbps and the resolution, frame rate and sound are valid, it passes it. It is possible during re-encodes for the nominal bit rate to not be reset to the correct value, so Nero might be reading the old value. Sometimes a demux/remux fixes this. It's also possible to buy the Teco Bit Rate Viewer at, which can be used to fix the nominal bit rate if that is the problem. Honestly, you could just tell Nero to ignore the errors and burn anyway and most likely your SVCD will play with no problems.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), February 05, 2003.

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