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The AME Church is falling apart because of greedy leaders and crooked pastors. I think if the AME focus on GOD and forget about money we would not hear so much about abandonment. I'm not saying this because I'm sour or upset about anything but it is the truth! We have so many AME Pastors that steal from the small churches and it is a shame that the entire organization get a bad rap. We also have many people in higher positions that take advantage of their titles. I think somewhere along the way we lost our identity what the AME was original about. We must go back and find Allenís purpose. Because right now there is no purpose nothing but MONEY AND STATUS!

-- Anonymous, February 04, 2003


Dear Sister Our denomination, not just our leaders, needs to have a reality check. People only get away with what they are allowed to. Our Church (more than just the "Black Church") is in the midst of historic financial and moral trial. This is a most difficult subject and I too pray God's intervention. As a lay-person it is daunting but God is able, despite the challenges. Keep the faith my Sister!!

God Bless You

-- Anonymous, February 04, 2003

My dear sister Sharon Sicheley,I understand your concern and i take it very serious.Allow me to share with you my position on the issue of the church and money.when I was a young man at the seminary [R.R.Wright seminary in South Africa]. I refrained from preaching about money because I was under the impression and assumption that if the Church and the Pastor would take care of the spiritual life of its members,that members would support the church.Know that it was the subject of financing the Church in Jerusalem that sent Jesus to the Cross.There is no more important question facing the Church than that of money.I believe that the Church should be supported finacially and must also be run on financial basis or it will go down in utter ruin.We especially AME's have a financial issue facing the Church today than ever before, Think of instituions of education under the auspices of our church, what is happening with them? should we let them go because we think the church is being run on business basis? I certainly don't.I used to asked why does the church want so much money?Shall we increase our offerings? the Bishop just had a rally, what did he do with the money ? and so on.But i now see and understand through scriptures a new light and I have found out a year ago that Jesus had much to say about money during His ministry here on earth.Out of twenty-nine of His parables Thirteen had to deal with the correct, proper, right use of money.Jesus talked more about money than he did about heaven,he talked more about money than he did about hell,Jesus talked more about money that he did about Church attandence, prayer, scripture reading, and brotherhood.There is another important question facing the church today and it is not just a question of money as it is, there problem goes deeper but that can wait for next time.Know that I have not been pastoring for three years I left south africa to come and Study in The US.So I am not protecting any one's selfish desire. I just want us to know as individual believers that we have a finacial responsibility facing us as God's Children. God Bless you

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2003

I wholeheartly agree eith you Sister Sicheley,, Money and Status is all the higher ups care about, the people in the pews are hurting and looking for a word from the Lord and no one seem to care. The pastors, elders and some of the officers are taking money from the church and no one seems to care. I know how you feel, I have prayed and I know God will take care of all the coruption in the AME church, just like with the Baptist and the Catholic.The men of the cloth have forgotten all about Richard Alle, they seem to have two focus Women and Money Money.I wonder what ever happen to the real preachers the ones that put God first in everything.The scriptures are being fufilled.Pray for me and I will pray for you.

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2003

I have always found accusations of corruption an interesting rhetorical aid used in discussions about problems which plauge our denomination. Now, let's accept the premise that embezzelment, sexual predators (i.e. harrasers of women), power seekers and status worshipers is true and are rampant throughout our Connection. The obvious question is WHY haven't eyewitnesses to the corruption followed the appropriate protocol to have such malfactors tried and removed from their respective office? Of course many will respond by saying, "Bro. Dickens we know what the Discipline states regarding such malfeasance, the problem is no church leader has the courage to enforce the sanctions prescribed in the Discipline!". Now, if this is indeed the case, i.e. non-compliance, the follow-up question is whether or not the accusers are willing to 'tough it out' by appealing the case to higher levels of authority. The ecclesiastical model for due process is clearly defined in the Discipline. It is simply a matter of whether or not possisble plaintiffs or accusers are willing to committ to the process. You can be certain that a defendant has the motive and interests to exercies his/her due process rights. Finally, even if the ecclesiastical model fails to deliver the type of justice sought (throw the bums out of office) the final recourse is seeking relief in civil courts. This is uncomfortable but if one feels strongly about eliminating corruption this is a strategy worthy of contemplation. QED

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2003

Our current structure is not designed to allow accountability. Our bishops are not responsible to anyone and once elected serve for life or until age 75 whichever comes first. Why should they do anything that will upset this gravy train? Why don't we have a professional approach to our clergy which would insure that they have adequate health coverage, retirement benefits etc. The current systems almost yells for the parson to get all he or she can because if they don't do it for themselves nobody else will. We do not have a strong pension system or retirement system and even the systems we have are dependent upon churches making direct contributions.

Look at the mess in Atlanta known as Morris Brown College, how did this happen? Who is responsible? No one and everyone.

We have a goo-gazzle of chiefs and very few indians. God bless us all.

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2003

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