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Hi everyone again,

I'm sorry I left out one question in my previous email.

When I try to capture the video from the tape in the VCR using DVC 80's MovieStar 5.2, there is this Timecode line about 2 inches from the top of the screen all through the .avi file, and carried over to the MPG file as well after conversion.

It really looks bad on the movie, and everyone humbugs me for not being able to get rid of the damned thing.

Please kindly help me again!! And also please CC me at

Thanks and aloha,


-- George Wong (, February 03, 2003


Is your VCR outputting SMPTE timecode? If so, you should be able to turn it off at the VCR. However, if you're using a proof tape from the videographer of the wedding, it's possible that he may have left the timecode there to insure that the tape is purchased and not copied as is.

Check the compatibility lists at to see if the DVD player you're trying will play CDRs and VCDs.

(BTW, greenspun doesn't cc, which is why you didn't receive this at your earthlink address)


-- No One (, February 03, 2003.

Thanks "No One" for your kind response. However, the VCR tape given me was the result of a download from a Canon camcorder. Since the owner does not know how, or have the proper gears to use Firewire to put the video onto hard disk, she took the easy way out by dumping the entire movie on a VCR tape via the USB port on her Canon camcorder. Hence I don't know if it is SMPTE (what is it?) or not.

When I play the tape on the VCR, it does not have the Timecode line. It's only there after the capture by MovieStar, on the .avi file. Is it possible that MovieStar puts it there. Please kindly advise.

Thanks again, George

-- George Wong (, February 03, 2003.

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