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Hi everyone,

Please kindly help a newbie who got deeply interested in making VCD for family and work functions, but still can't cut his first VCD CD.

I was given a VCR tape of a wedding party, and was asked to build a VCD. I used Dazzle VCR 80's MovieStar 5.2 to capture it on a .avi file (about 47 minutes, and over 10 GB large). I converted it to MPG-1 format using "PRODUCE" in MovieStar, which produced a MPG file for me in the vicinity of 470 MB (my harddrive is close to runneth over).

Then I use Nero Express (which came with my TDK 52x24x48 CD burner) to create a VCD disk using the TDK burner.

The VCD disk can play on my PC using WinDVD 4.0, but cannot play on my Panasonic DVD player. I tried using two different types of blank disk, but the results are similar. The Panasonic DVD player cursed me incessantly, saying my VCD disk has invalid format or something to that effect and kicked the disk out with utter contempt (ejected it).

I would appreciate your kind advice on: 1. The AVI to MPG-1 conversion was done incorrectly, or 2. The MPG file is basically bad, or 3. The Nero Express did not do a good job, or 4. My blank CDs are bad, which brand and type should I use?

Thank you very much for your kind attention and advice to my problem. Please also CC me on Thanks again.



-- George Wong (, February 03, 2003

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