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After being an avid watcher of ABC news for the past 10 years, Ive decided to go back to SBS again. The "Bob and Barbie" format with 2 presenters copy-cat'ying commercial channels appeals to me not. The message is that I, the viewer, need to be entertained and kept company, more than I need good news. Combined with the insidious intrusion of everything a sports(man) does into the news bulletin itself, the news announcements of "whats coming up shortly" (as if I can't wait 5 minutes for "it" to arrive in due course), plugs for tomorrows roving reporters travel show ("tomorrow we'll be off to disneyland to look at the drought there"), and the usual annoying plugs for the 7.30 report (as if I dont watch it anyway) add to the subterfuge.

The only thing Ill miss now is (apart from the individual presenters themselves), the excellent weather animations. Goodby auntie-news, Ill pop in from time to time to see if you've landed again back on the ground.

Have a nice party.

-- Anonymous, February 03, 2003


I will still watch ABC TV News, but the use of two newsreaders/presenters is totally unnecessary,especially in a one half hour bulletin.

-- Anonymous, April 25, 2003


I think all round you are better off watching SBS news and current affairs. Compare Dateline to Lateline and look at the people Lateline are not speaking to. Compare Tony Jones wedge questioning of Kevid Rudd to how he interviewed Downer about the missing WMD. Do you think there was any chance that Tony would ask the obvious - "How come Iraq did not deploy these "WMD" when they were under perilous attack if they really presented a "clear and present danger" as Alex and Co repeatly told prior to the war?

The answer is often in the questions that are not asked.

-- Anonymous, April 29, 2003

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