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I send greetings and love to all the readers of this board. And I want to take some time to praise God and the power of God. There is nothing greater than God or his son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There is nothing that can bring down God's plan for salvation. Too often on the board there are complaints about the wrongs in the church. And for the person posting that is your experience and I do not dispute your experience. But what I would like to lift up is the POWER of Jesus. The God that created this world can heal a church, the God who parted the Red Sea can take care of Morris Brown, The Messiah who overcame death can deal with pastors and laity who are disobedient. Paul the apostle tells us what to do when we are in trouble in the church we are to pray, we are to show love and we are to press on. Over the years as a pastor when I have spoken to people who are upset about the church or their job, I ask these questions? How much time do you pray a day. What Bible study are you working on? How much of the Bible are you reading daily? How much are you tithing in talents/money and how much time during the day do you praise God. I ask these questions because all to often we are running "on spiritual fumes" for when we read the Bible there is so much hope and guidance that we do not need to worry for God provides. There were those who were with Paul that betrayed him, abandoned him, or taught the wrong doctrine. Yet Paul tells us to press on do the work of Christ. If things are not going well in your home or church please look at your spiritual life. Are you running on fumes. Are you a disciplined Christian? God does not want his children upset, or angry for then we are we are not connected to him spiritually. Lastly let us practice the gift of forgiveness. And that also includes the church. My ame family pray, study the bible daily and expect miracles it is your birthright. Don't stop loving our denomination. God bless!

-- Anonymous, February 01, 2003

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