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Can yoiu use an average polaroid camera bought at Wal-mart to make polaroid transfer images? If so, could you give some specifics. Thanks

-- Jessica (, January 31, 2003


Transfers are often made with 669 film. Polaroid lists these cameras, etc as using that film. I don't think any are current Walmart type...

Any camera or instrument equipped with Model CB-100/101/102/103 Camera Back (these holders are supplied by medium format camera manufacturers such as Mamiya, Hasselblad and Konica), Model 405 Film Holder, or other OEM equipment

600SE Camera ProPack Camera MP4+ Multipurpose Camera Systems All Daylab Slide Printers Polacolor pack cameras Vivitar Slide Copier ID Systems: ID-3, ID-4, ID-40, ID-100, ID-124, and other OEM ID systems

-- J (, February 07, 2003.

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